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John Ward Dunsmore (1856 – 1945)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 31, 2011

Betsy Ross And The First Stars And Stripes

George Washington

Signing The Treaty With The Indians

Lord Howe And American Commissioners (Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Edward Rutledge)

Washington Inspecting First Coins

Battle Of Springfield

The First Gentlemen of Virginia (Washington Jumping The Gate)

Washington and Lafayette at Valley Forge

News From Yorktown

George Washington

General Henry Knox

George Washington Leaving Mount Vernon For His Inauguration As President In New York City

Benjamin Franklin, The Printer

Bunker Hill – Fight At the Rail Fence

Colonel Knox Bringing the Cannons from Fort Ticonderoga

Hut Camp of the 17th Regiment on Inwood Hill, NYC

Molly Pitcher At The Battle Of Monmouth

Washington At The Conference To Arrange Evacuation

Arousing The Minute Men

The Surrender At Yorktown

Washington At The Battle of Harlem Plains

The Captain

16th Century Men

The Monk

Robinson Crusoe

Roderick Random

A Reverie

Cello Sonate With Violin Accompaniment

Salon-Petit, Trianon, Versailles

Lady And Captain

Son Of The Revolution (courtesy of Veronica Méndez Yescas)

Marinus Willett Preventing Removal Of Arms By The British

John Adams Proposing George Washington For Commander-in-Chief Of The American Army

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Nick Eggenhofer (1897 – 1985)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 30, 2011

Wagons West

Stagecoach Night Scene

Encounter Of Crow And Blackfeet Indians

Running Horses

Mountain Men

Stagecoach In Winter

Last Mile

Riders Of The Purple Sage

Cavalry Escort


Texas Longhorn Cattle Drive

Pulp illustration

Three Cowboys

Two Trappers

Attack On The Stagecoach

Mountain Man In His Sunday Best

title unknown

Wagon Train

The Bone Picker

Indians Moving Camp

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Mary Curtis Richardson (1848 – 1931)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 29, 2011

Portrait Of Mary Blanche Hubbard

Portrait Of A Lady

Reading Girl

Young Woman (possibly Katherine Cook of Carmel)

The Sleeping Child

Elizabeth Seavey

Joseph M. Bransten As A Child

A Child’s Portrait

Seated Child Holding A Rattle

Mother And Child

Félicien Victor Paget

Felix Morris

Mother And Child

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James Goodwyn Clonney (1812 – 1867)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 28, 2011

The Interior Of The Cathedral Of Antwerp

Waking Up

Which Way Shall We Go?

The Trappers

The Happy Moment

Militia Training

Fishing Part On Long Island Sound Off New Rochelle

A Negro Boy Asleep

A Visit From Grandfather

Hudson River Sloop Near Peekskill, NY

Politicians At A Country Bar

A Day Fishing

Mother’s Watch

Mexican News

Offering Baby A Rose

In The Woodshed

The Storyteller

The Sleigh Ride

In The Cornfield

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Toby Edward Rosenthal (1848 – 1917)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 27, 2011


The Trial Of Constance de Beverly

Bach With His Family

The Cardinal’s Portrait

Woodcarver Of Obermmergau

His Madonna

His Madonna

Boy With Pipe

Departure Of The Family

Home From The First Voyage

The Sailor's Return

The Sailor’s Return



The Morning Has Gold In Its Mouth - Boy Awakening

The Morning Has Gold In Its Mouth – Boy Awakening

Dancing Lesson Of Our Grandmother

Dancing Lesson Of Our Grandmother

Pray Tell, The Dentist!

Pray Tell, The Dentist!

A Valuable Lesson

A Valuable Lesson

Sleepy Hans

Sleepy Hans

Young Boy With American Flag

Interior Of A Woodcarver's Shop

Interior Of A Woodcarver’s Shop

Baroque Interior

Baroque Interior

View Through A Window, Landsberg, Germany

View Through A Window, Landsberg, Germany

Isaac Glazier

Isaac Glazier

Isaac Glazier

Isaac Glazier

General W.H.L. Barnes

General W.H.L. Barnes





A Seminary Alarmed

A Seminary Alarmed





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Marcus Waterman (1834 – 1914)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 26, 2011

The Kasbah In Tangier

Dignitaries Meeting By The Fountain

Men In Blue At The Entrance To The Kasbah

Waiting Camels

On The Road To Fez

The Merchant And The Genie


Desert Scene

Dutch Canal

Idyllic Landscape With Cattle

Portrait Of Children

The Artist’s Wife

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Elizabeth O’Neill Verner (1883 – 1979)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 25, 2011

Flowers, Ma’am?

Hagaar Mazyck


Carolina Cabin

Cabins With Wash On The Line

Avenue At The Oaks, Goose Creek

Mary Mazyck’s Daughter


title unknown

Charleston, Church Street

In The Fields

Flower Vendor

Maggie Mazyck

Cato Waring

Residence Of Chion-In Priests, Kyoto

Japanese Street Corner

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