Greatest American Painters

James Goodwyn Clonney (1812 – 1867)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 28, 2011

The Interior Of The Cathedral Of Antwerp

Waking Up

Which Way Shall We Go?

The Trappers

The Happy Moment

Militia Training

Fishing Part On Long Island Sound Off New Rochelle

A Negro Boy Asleep

A Visit From Grandfather

Hudson River Sloop Near Peekskill, NY

Politicians At A Country Bar

A Day Fishing

Mother’s Watch

Mexican News

Offering Baby A Rose

In The Woodshed

The Storyteller

The Sleigh Ride

In The Cornfield

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  1. segmation said

    Nice article. Please check this out if you get a minute. Thanks!

  2. Charlotte Langley said

    I just purchased 3 paintings from a thrift store and one is James Goodwyn Clonney “Boy Fishing” is it worth anything? thanks CL

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