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Jacques Guillaume Lucien Amans (1801 – 1888)

Posted by M.R.N. on September 26, 2011

Creole In A Red Turban


Clara Mazureau

Andrew Jackson

Antoinette Decuir

Woman In A Brown Dress, a member of the Beauvais-Decuir family

Woman In A Green Dress, a member of the Beauvais-Decuir family

Emile Tanneret

Augustine Massicot Tanneret

Reverend Mother Sainte Seraphine

Madame Françoise Gabrielle ‘Rosa’ Montegut Pitot

Carl Kohn

Mrs. Gustave Miltenberger (née Corinne Knott)

Frantois Gabriel (Valcour) Aime

Josephine Roman Aime

A Seated Gentleman

Portrait Of A Lady

A Creole Gentleman

The Daughter Of Andre Bienvenue Roman, Governor Of Louisiana

Gentleman In Summer Dress

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