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A (hopefully short) break

Posted by American Gallery on November 18, 2012

As per the request of the artist, the paintings by Heide Press published on November 14 were removed from this blog.

In these five years over 1.600 American artists and nearly 20.000 paintings have been posted here. All the painters who have an official site and whose work is under copyright are correctly linked on the right sidebar of the blog. But this is the first time I receive this kind of request. Which of course I do respect.

I take this opportunity to say that American Gallery is a non-profit blog, exclusively made for the passion of art and its sole purpose is to highlight and promote the great paintings produced by the American artists over the centuries.  My intention is to create a sort of permanent archive of American art, always accessible to anyone: art lovers, art students, young artists…
Behind the 20.000 paintings posted here there’s only my passion. And a lot of my time.

That being said, I would like to invite all those who appreciate the work of Heide Press to visit her official site.

As for me, I think I’ll take a little break.

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Philip Leslie Hale (1865 – 1931)

Posted by American Gallery on November 18, 2012

The Crimson Rambler

Portrait Of A Girl With A Cat – Agnes

La Donna (Mi Velata)

A Summer Visitor

Conversation Piece

Aphrodite Of The Sea Gulls

title unknown

Sun Bath

The Blue Kimono

Girls In Sunlight

A Summer Visit

A Walk Through The Fields

The Red Necklace

The Lovely Years

Catherine Wallstrom


Walking In The Fields

The Top Of The Morning

The Art Students


Garden Party

Grandmother’s Birthday

Musical Movement

Gypsy With Guitar (Gitano)

Giverny Garden

Young Girl By A Stream

Niagara Falls

Lady With A Fan

Portrait Of A Woman (believed to be Artist’s wife)


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Deborah Hamon (1968)

Posted by American Gallery on November 17, 2012

Bellybutton Gazers

Girls’ Club

At The Edge

Dorko Amigos!

Got Game


American Portrait (Hope)

Cowgirls and Butterflies

He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not. He Loves Me


Round Up

High Achiever

Best Friends Forever For Now




I See London. I See France

Push and Pull

Red Arrow

Musical Squares

Rope Swing


Tree Climbers


End Of The Rainbow


Lemon Eaters

Flight Patterns

Watch Me

Backyard Visitor

©  Deborah Hamon

official website


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Marie Goth (1887 – 1975)

Posted by American Gallery on November 16, 2012

Sewing By Window Light (Artist’s Sister)

Mother And Daughter

Me – Self-Portrait

Little Patricia Ann Hanson

Philip Long Of Columbus, Indiana

Portrait Of A Young Girl


Young Girl In Red Dress

Governor Henry Schricker

Ready For The Ball

Portrait Of A Young Woman

title unknown

Woman By The Fire

Portrait Of Young VJ Cariani

Female Nude

Elizabeth Baird

The Architect

Woman In Lavender Dress

Woman Knitting

Standing Nude

Cabin Along The Road


Floral Still Life

Roses In Black Bowl



Thomas Morton


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Frederick Sands Brunner (1886 – 1954)

Posted by American Gallery on November 15, 2012


Autumn Patterns

Night Of Prom

Summer Afternoon

Nude At Stream

Portrait Of Mrs. Brunner

The Archer

Woman With Horse And Dogs


title unknown

title unknown

Girl Roller Skating

Pensive Nude

Pushing Her Wheelbarrow

Planting The Windowbox

The Carriage Ride


Miss America

Clicquot Beverage ad

War Relief – Give!

Almost Quitting Time

title unknown

title unknown

other paintings...

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John Currin (1962)

Posted by American Gallery on November 13, 2012

Honeymoon Nude

Nice ‘n Easy

The Pink Tree

The Hobo

The Cripple

Anniversary Nude

Gold Coast

Constance Towers


Purple Bra

The Dane


Pushkin Girl

Stamford After Brunch

The Women Of Franklin Street


Big Goddess



Saltwater Nymph

Sheree North

Rachel In The Garden



The Reader



The Teenagers

After Courbet

Blond Angel

 © John Currin

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Cesar Santos (1982)

Posted by American Gallery on November 12, 2012

Fitting Room

Subconscious Mind

Pink Angel


The Art Collector

Lisa’s Niece

Madonna Of The Stairs

Prenda Intima




Drawing At The MoMA

Coloring At The Guggenheim

Hide And Seek


Woman With Glasses And Goatee

First Tattoo


Prometheus Bride


First Night

Lost Window

The Fixed And The Mobile


Out Of The Square

Moth In The Museum


Dancing With Mr Bacon


Picnic In Central Park – Santos Nude With The Muses

other paintings…


© Cesar Santos

official website


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