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Violet Oakley (1874 – 1961)

Posted by M.R.N. on February 13, 2012

The Kingdom Of Heaven

Quita Woodward

Henry Howard Houston Woodward

The Tragic Muse (Mrs. Edward H. Coates)

Albert Spalding, American Violinist

Mary Townsend Mason

Lady With A Fan

Portrait Of Eleanor Pyle

Portrait Of A Lady


The Nawab Khan (Sir Umar Hayat Khan Tiwana)

Family Group (The Bromley Family)

A Roadside Encounter

Self-Portrait - The Artist In Mourning For Her Father

A Brown Study

Three Women (possibly Elizabeth Shippen Green, Jessie Willcox Smith And Violet Oakley)

The Easter Hymn

Madonna And Magi

William Tyndale Printing His Translation Of The Bible Into English At Cologne A.D. 1525

Smuggling The New Testament Into England, 1526

King Charles Signing The Charter Of Pennsylvania

Penn Meets The Quaker Thought

Washington At The Constitutional Convention

Lincoln Delivering The Gettysburg Address

General Meade And Pennsylvania Troops In Camp Before Gettysburg

Senate mural

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