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Robert Alan Thom (1915 – 1979)

Posted by M.R.N. on September 19, 2012

Papyrus And Pictography

Medicine In Ancient Egypt


Galen of Pergamon

Chinese Block Printing

Charlemagne And The Monastic Scribes

Medieval Hospitals

Johannes Gutenberg And Moveable Type

Nicolas Jenson Engraving

Aldus Manutius


Antonie von Leeuwenhoek

Giovanni Battista Morgagni And Pathologic Anatomy

Benjamin Franklin

John Morgan And The First Hospital Pharmacy In Colonial America, Pennsylvania Hospital

Edward Jenner

Lord Charles Stanhope And Stereotyping

Andrew Craigie, America’s First Apothecary General

William Blake Drawing

Alois Senefelder And Litography

René Laennec And The Stethoscope

William Procter jr., The Father Of American Pharmacy

Louis Pasteur

William Morris

Tolbert Lanston And The Monotype

Ottmar Merganthaler And The Linotype

Frederic E. Ives And The Half-Tone Process

Frederic W. Goudy And Typography

George P. Gordon And The Platen Press

Ira Rubel And The Offset Press

The Mighty Babe


Cougar In Antimony Canyon, Utah


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