Greatest American Painters

John Ward Dunsmore (1856 – 1945)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 31, 2011

Betsy Ross And The First Stars And Stripes

George Washington

Signing The Treaty With The Indians

Lord Howe And American Commissioners (Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Edward Rutledge)

Washington Inspecting First Coins

Battle Of Springfield

The First Gentlemen of Virginia (Washington Jumping The Gate)

Washington and Lafayette at Valley Forge

News From Yorktown

George Washington

General Henry Knox

George Washington Leaving Mount Vernon For His Inauguration As President In New York City

Benjamin Franklin, The Printer

Bunker Hill – Fight At the Rail Fence

Colonel Knox Bringing the Cannons from Fort Ticonderoga

Hut Camp of the 17th Regiment on Inwood Hill, NYC

Molly Pitcher At The Battle Of Monmouth

Washington At The Conference To Arrange Evacuation

Arousing The Minute Men

The Surrender At Yorktown

Washington At The Battle of Harlem Plains

The Captain

16th Century Men

The Monk

Robinson Crusoe

Roderick Random

A Reverie

Cello Sonate With Violin Accompaniment

Salon-Petit, Trianon, Versailles

Lady And Captain

Son Of The Revolution (courtesy of Veronica Méndez Yescas)

Marinus Willett Preventing Removal Of Arms By The British

John Adams Proposing George Washington For Commander-in-Chief Of The American Army

8 Responses to “John Ward Dunsmore (1856 – 1945)”

  1. antonia said

    this is so beutiful! good job

  2. Elena Dobarganes Faragut said

    wow! beautiful

  3. VERONICA said

    I have a painting original painting by John Ward Dunsmore 1916 called Son of the Revolution, I have the photo I took of the painting, I would upload it but not how.
    I will leave my data for any information

    Tengo un cuadro pintura original de John Ward Dunsmore 1916 se llama El hijo de la Revolución, tengo la foto que le tome a la pintura, quisiera subirla pero no se como.
    voy a dejar mis datos para cualquier información al respecto.

  4. Marion said

    The house I live in my father bought from John Ward Dunsmore in 1939.

  5. rick said

    Hi Suzay. I have been researching John Ward Dunsmore as I have inherited some of his work from my Aunt in New Jersey. After looking at your post I believe that I have an original painting of Adams proposing Washington for commander in chief. How can I verifty this? I will be glad to furnish digital photos of the work. My email is Thanks

    • Marion said

      Hi, Rick! Just saw your msg. The house I live in that belonged to Dunsmore is in New Jersey. If you’re able to tell me what town or area of NJ she lived in, my email is Thanks! Marion

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