Greatest American Painters

Henry Clive (1882 – 1960)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 27, 2012

The White Dove – Sultana

A Melody Of Ancient Egypt


Angry Nature

Beauty By The Sea – Seaside Flirtation


title unknown

Lola Montez

Give – Blessed Are The Merciful

Yvonne De Carlo As Mata Hari


title unknown


A Buddha-Pest

Ancient Egypt

The Infidel


Maid Of The West

Marie Mancini



title unknown

Flapper Girl Painted By Pierrot


title unknown

The Aurora

title unknown


North Africa

Edgar Allan Poe Writing Lenore


13 Responses to “Henry Clive (1882 – 1960)”

  1. Stu Mead said


  2. Bruce said

    “Yvonne De Carlo As Mata Hari” is a clue. I am willing to bet that Clive used the faces of famous movie actresses for several other of his paintings: “Singapore,” “Lola Montez,” “Carmen,” “title unknown (feathered hat),” “Delilah.” But the one that is driving me crazy (well, intriguing me more than the others) is “Marie Mancini.” That face is not this Marie Mancini: Even if I am wrong about Clive using actresses’ images, WHO is the actress that I am thinking of when I look at this painting?!?

  3. Bruce said

    I am wrapping up my investigation and putting this out of my head (if I can).

    Tonight’s TCM movie is “White Cargo” (1942), starring Hedy Lamarr. When I saw the movie poster that they have on the site (, I immediately thought of this “Marie Mancini” here.

    But it is not Hedy Lamarr in this painting! A comparison of various Bing images to this image is conclusive on that score, as is a comparison of the painting to images of Maria Montez. It is Maria Montez.

    Now I am going to forget this. A fifth of gin may help. I will not let this woman haunt me for the rest of my life… will I? WILL I?!?

    (Don’t worry, I’m just kidding. I love lots of women in this blog! :))

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