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Christy Astuy (1956)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 28, 2012

Standing Nude



Weight Icon

Like A Virgin

Tarnung (Camouflage)



Bird Boy

Hausfrau Kokett (Flirtatious Housewife)



title unknown


title unknown

Piccolo Oroscopo


Devot (Submissive)

title unknown

title unknown

Barbie Kahlo

Self-Portrait With Pablo-Tapete

© Christy Astuy

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4 Responses to “Christy Astuy (1956)”

  1. Bruce said

    Translations, from Italian (per Google Translate):

    “Orgogliose, a fronte alta, non volete dire quello che siete, e fate bene.”

    “Proud, head held high, do not say what you want, and do well.”

    “Non siete nate per farvi limitare da modesti orizzonti, cercate quello che sa andare oltre il presente. La tranquillita vi spegne e la serenita vuota e per voi la cosa peggiore.”

    “You are not born to make you be limited by low horizons, looking for what can go beyond this. The tranquility and serenity you off empty and the worst thing for you.”

    Hmmm. Perhaps our friend Vincenzo will assist us.

    • vincenzo said

      I think the meaning of words written by Christy is referring to creativity, which can not depend on conditions of peace (tranquility, serenity). The creative act is indeed a need of the spirit, which manifests itself through matter. In a paradisiacal state, that is purely spiritual and free from physical sensations, there would not be need to create, because life, youth, happiness, etc. .. would be eternal things. Unfortunately, there is nothing earthly paradise, and everything that we want to realize on the physical plane, is a momentary illusion, that is only an appearance. If the desire for tranquility and serenity, is limited only to achieve a physiological well-being, such as eating, drinking and sleeping, the time horizon of man is reduced to a condition of non-life. But then, is it really possible be serene and calm on the earth? I think No. If we think that the life cycle of an earthly being is delimited by two traumatic events, such as birth and death, then it seems all too obvious that the existence enclosed between these two extremes, it can never be quiet .
      I am of the opinion that the action always presupposes a state of creative tension, produced by energy. And in this respect also the love, rather than the result of calm and serenity, is the result of creative energy.
      So, I think Christy is right to look beyond the physical horizon of appearance.

  2. Bruce said

    I’m glad for her sake that Frida Kahlo is not around to witness how her appearance has been distorted and mocked, although she was not too easy on herself, either:

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