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William McGregor Paxton (1869 – 1941)

Posted by A. S. Amberson on June 30, 2012


The String Of Pearls

A Modern Madonna

Girl With A Pink Rose

Mrs. Charles Frederick Toppan

Mrs. William Paxton

The Crystal


Leaving The Studio

Louise Converse (Mrs. Junius S. Morgan)

Tea Leaves

Morning Light

Reddy And The Macaw

Elsa In The Pink Dress

Girl Arranging Flowers

Portrait Of Enid Hallin


In The Studio

The Red Mules

The Housemaid

The Tam

The Oriental Jar

The Samovar

Young Woman In Blue

The Morning Paper


The Shade Hat

The Front Parlor

The Blue Book

Pretty Girl

The Sisters

Kitchen Maid


Déjeuner Venice

Woman In Blue Wrap

Interior With Two Nude Models

to be continued…

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Aron Wiesenfeld (1972)

Posted by A. S. Amberson on June 29, 2012



Girl With Bike


Chris McCandless

The Well


Washed Up Woman


The Delegate’s Daughter


Sea Of Trees


The Ending

The Oath Breakers


The Wedding Party

The Falls



Winter Cabin


Train Tunnel

Scenic View

The Lesson


The Gathering

The Nightingale


The Fish Gatherer

© Aron Wiesenfeld

official website

Facebook (page)






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Rembrandt Peale (1778 – 1860)

Posted by A. S. Amberson on June 28, 2012

Equestrian Portrait of George Washington

Michael Angelo And Emma Clara Peale

Charles Hodge

Rosalba Peale

Thomas Jefferson

Rajah Rammohun Roy

Jane Griffith Koch

Rubens Peale With A Geranium

Man Reading By Candlelight

DeWitt Clinton

The Sisters (Eleanor And Rosalba Peale)

Dr. John Meer

Harriet Cany Peale

Jacques Louis David

Alida Livingston Armstrong And Daughter

Day Dreams

George Washington Before Yorktown

General Samuel Smith

Boy From The Taylor Family

Caroline Louisa Pratt Bartlett

John Carroll, America’s First Bishop And Archbishop

The Roman Daughter

John C. Calhoun

Samuel Fisher Bradford

Juliana Westray Wood

Horatio Greenough

William Henry Harrison

Edward Shippen Burd of Philadelphia

Self Portrait 1856

George Washington


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Jane Stuart (1812 – 1888)

Posted by A. S. Amberson on June 27, 2012

Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry

George Washington


George Washington

Lady Wearing A Dark Gown

George Washington

Weeping Magdalene

George Washington

Martha Washington

Portrait Of A Gentleman

Scene From A Novel or A Subject From Literature

Gilbert Stuart (Artist’s Father)

Coach Fording A Stream

Lady Macbeth

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Don Ivan Punchatz (1936 – 2009)

Posted by A. S. Amberson on June 26, 2012

Gerald Ford

Crisis In Psychoanalysis

The Silent Invaders

Great Science Fiction By Scientists

Repent, Harlequin

Easel Portrait

Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing

The Man In The Maze

Mirror Man

Ancient Evenings: The Queen

Ancient Evenings: Man Servant

Bride Of Frankenstein



The Mummy

The Wolf Man

The Headless Horseman And Ichabod Crane

The Fabulous Riverboat

The Magic Labyrinth

Portraits Of The New South – Sheriff Leon Jackson, Fayette County, Georgia

Grand Master


Switch Bitch

John Le Carré


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Jonathan Ahn (1977)

Posted by A. S. Amberson on June 25, 2012

Maiden In Red

In The Studio

Tea Ceremony

The Gaze

Morning Ray Of Light


Bamboo Forest

Old Friends

After The Flood

Waiting Room

title unknown


Bottle Of Pop

When Will The Rain Stop?

I Love Ballet

title unknown

title unknown

Majestic Beard

Self Portrait

© Jonathan Ahn

official website





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Philip A. Butler (1830 – after 1915)

Posted by A. S. Amberson on June 24, 2012

Cumberland, Montana

Snow Day

Birch Trees In A Snowy Landscape


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