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Thomas Nast (1840 – 1902)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 16, 2012


Lincoln’s Death

Compromise With The South

Drummer Boys

The Halt

Emancipation – Emancipated Slaves

Palm Sunday – Appomatox Surrender

Buffalo Soldiers

Civil War POWS

Civil War Christmas Eve

Democracy 1865 – President Andrew Johnson

Escaping Slaves

Fighting Clouds – The Battle Of Lookout Mountain

Honor The Brave

Pardon – Robert E. Lee And Columbia

On To Richmond

Thanks To Grant – General Ulysses Grant And Lady Liberty

Secretary Of The Interior Carl Schurz Cleans Out The Indian Bureau

Southern Plantation

The Tammany Tiger Loose

Thomas Nast Asks Pardon Bowing Low Before The Floor Of The U. S. Senate

Merry Christmas

A Christmas Sketch – Five O’Clock In The Morning

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