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Louis Jambor (1884 – 1955)

Posted by M.R.N. on August 19, 2010


Little Women

A Musical Interlude

The Love Letter

Girls At Piano – The Rehersal

Returning From School

The Picnic

Afternoon Leisure

Girl Before The Mirror – The Reflection

Lady With Red Umbrella

Lady Arranging Flowers

Musketeer Greeting Two Ladies

The Butter Churner

Cat’s Cradle


Musical Moments

The Lord’s Supper

Boating Beauties

Boating Beauties

Delightful Day - An Afternoon In The Outdoors

Delightful Day – An Afternoon In The Outdoors

In Conversation

In Conversation

Woman With Flowers

Woman With Flowers

Lady With Poppies

Lady With Poppies

Garden Party

Garden Party

The Picnic

The Picnic

Gladioli In An Oriental Vase

Gladioli In An Oriental Vase


54 Responses to “Louis Jambor (1884 – 1955)”

  1. doyle said

    i have a Louis Jambor painting of two ladies, one reading and one sewing. i was wondering what it is called because i don’t see it in the above pictures.

  2. Robert said

    I realize that religious art is not for everyone but I have a painting of father Patrick Duffy in the original frame painted by Louis jamb or. Any idea of the value of this? It’s from 1937

  3. Quique Gonzalez said

    I have the L. Jambor painting of Girls at Piano – The Rehearsal. I need to have it appraised and I do not know where to start…Can you direct me in the proper direction? Thank you

    • I just bought a copy of Girls/Piano/Rehearsal at an estate sale and I’m glad to see a photo of the original. My copy needs a good cleaning.

      • Dawn Hare said

        Can I ask how much you paid for the copy? I have a copy that I found in an old house that was abandoned and its in really good condition. I dont know where to take it to get it appraised. Its a beautiful piece.

  4. Emily Richardson said

    I purchased what looks to be a print or lithograph by Louis Jambor and titled “The Letter”. I am not schooled on mediums used. It is on a masonite board and is framed. I found a picture of the print purchased at I would like to know how long of process it took for Mr. Jambor to produce the illustrations for the 1947 edition Little Women by Louisa Mae Alcott. How many prints were made of each etc. If you have any information. If you have any idea of worth for original, or prints I am curious. I am very interested and curious about how these illustrations came about.
    Regards and thanks in advance for your cooperation.

    • Anita said

      Good afternoon Emily,

      I too have The Love Letter and another painting or quite possibly a lith my L. Jambor. Have you had any success in the appraisal on yours? My two have been in my grandmothers house since I was in my early teens which is approximately some thity-five years ago but I’m sure she purchased them sometime around 1959 or maybe later.

  5. I have a painting by Louis Jambor “The Love Letter”. I need to have it appraised. Where can I get this done with minimal cost.

  6. I have a painting by Louis Jambor (framed 30X36) Musical Moments.How can i find out if it has any value?

  7. joseph said

    Hello to you , my name is Joseph V. and am writing in hopes you can help me I am not very educated in any artist or any painting you can say that I have no knowledge of what might be a original or a print . but what I found in a orange grove here in highland ,ca will at least be as far as I can tell the real deal a painting by Louis Jambor titled “His letter” the painting needs to be restored and I would like to sell it what would it be worth today and who wants to make me an offer can reach me at (909)-827-7489 leave a message if you don’t talk to me thank you

  8. Hello
    I have an L jambor painting from the 1930;s given to my mom as a wedding gift .It is of 3 women at a piano one playing one leaning at piano and one holding violin
    I am interested in its title, I had it appraised approx 20 years ago.

    • Tina Mitchell said

      Did you ever find any information. I have the same picture. A elderly woman gave the picture to my mother about 30 years ago. She told my mother she had it for many years. If you have any information that you can share with me, I would appreciate it.

  9. Andria said

    I have an oil painting of Jesus by Louis Jambor, it’s very old it has the letter c with a cirle around it and it also has NB with the diamond shape around it. Does anyone know if this painting has any value?

  10. Christine said

    I have a painting by L Jambor called the Visitors and have tried to search it on the interenet and am not having any luck finding anything about the painting. Does anyone have any idea about this painting? Please let me know …

  11. susie salazar said

    hi i have a paining of l. jambor of two ladys sitting on a red velvet couch on the side there is green curtains on a door and a piano and a picture hanging of a lady and a grandfather clock by the two ladys sitting if any info are the value please e-mail me any info susie

  12. shawn said

    I have l. jambor lady playing the panio and man leaning over listen.. its hard painting oil looking.. old wooding fame

  13. I have a painting of Louis Jambour “Sunshine Sonata” which I didn’t see in the list. Just wondering if you have a fair market value of his art.

    • JT said

      I also have this painting. Did you find out anything about its value? I believe mine is in decent shape. Any idea how old it is?

  14. Shirley said


  15. Cathy Poorbaugh said

    I have an L Jamor Painting it called maytime is it old

  16. Tammy said

    I have a friend who has a L.Jambor painting from 1938 called Courtship – can anyone tell us what this might be worth.

  17. m nagi said

    m nagi i have a painting of jesus crist signed L .JAMBOR and how would you know if its worth anything

  18. Angie Dale said

    My painting has two ladies. On the far left is a grandfather clock… time could be 10:20 under the clock, a lady in a bonnet with brown hair, a peach dress with a full skirt. She is watching a lady in a blue dresss play a piano which is in front of a window with lace curtins and blue drapes… to the right of the lady in blue is a globe. Behind the globe, a fire place with a painting above the mantel… any clues? I’d love to know more about it…. I was in my grandmothers house for as long as I can remember and now it is in mine.

  19. I have the Maytime painting.

  20. Barbara Duff said

    I have a Magical Moments by J. Lambor, in the frame, in excellent condition. How much at auction?

  21. ean said

    how much does a louis jamber-maytime painting cost

  22. joe said

    eleven men and women in a garden scene one women with big green umbrella and a man handing a gift the fram has little square mirrors all around it, any one know the name.

  23. kay hackett said

    I have a painting of L. JAMBOR it is of a largr flower arrangement it is very old anyone have any idea what its called

  24. Bruce Rayburn said


    I have a picure witha women in a long red dress standing at a piano talking to a man in a blue outfit leaning on the piano..was wondering if it is worth anything

  25. I too have the painting with the women in the long dress from the 1920- 1950’s. How do you find out the value. jj

  26. jim russell said

    I have a painting called petit point can anyone tell me anything about it?

  27. Isabelle Alston said

    The print I have by Louis Jambor titles Interlude, is of three girls in beautiful gowns, one (from left to right) playing a violin, one sitting at a piano and the one at the right singing holding a sheet of music

  28. mary said

    I have a Jambor painting I believe also in an original frame can’t locate the information about picture or maybe value. Would like to know what the name of the picture would be called. It looks thru stone as a woman carrying water from the sea and two men at water with water pains on there heads background of a city. Anyone help me or tell me where to find info?

  29. brittb said

    I have a l jambor print of three young ladies that I can;t place a name too. Any help would be very useful. One is a singer with music, ones playing the piano, and the last has a violin. Thank you!

  30. Fabian said

    i have “Girls at piano’ the original what year was it painted

    • Anna Joyce said

      picuture by L Rambor, one girl standing playing violin another sitting playing paino and onter looking on with a book in her hand would like to know what is the name of that one?? thank you

  31. Randy Melillo said

    Hello! It appears that we have acquired through a tag sale, L Jambor’s Musical Interlude. It appears to be authentic in that it was painted on canvas and appears to be pretty old. As a novice, what do we do next! 🙂 Should we get it appraised and/or authenticated? Unless it were worth a ton of dough, we would likely keep it because we like it. Thanks! Randy

  32. I have a painting of three ladies having tea at a table . cant find it in any of the photos I would like to know how old it is. I think mine is a photogragh. not sure.

  33. Karen Williams said

    I have a painting by L. Jambor (The Rehersal) Im not an art collector and would love to sell it.

  34. Kim S. said

    I have a L. Jambor piece (print)?24″x30″. It has two women one is reading one is sewing (embroidering)she has dark hair and a bright red dress. The other has a light blue/purple/ green dress on. Can u give me any info. Thank you!

  35. manolo1235 said

    I have a picture of L. Jambor called The Lord´s Supper.

  36. Robin said

    I have one I can’t fine. It’s two lady’s one holding flowers and a umbrella and the other lady is sitting down and playing a instrument. I also have may line all in very good condition. Anyone know the value.

  37. yes need help, have large painting hanging on wall antique frame belonge to my other halphs greatgrandmother its THE REHEARSAL by L>JAMBOR ,can anyone tell me when it actually painted and its value

  38. Mitch Adams said

    I Have A L. Jambor Painting For Sale! If Anyone Is Interested….. Titled ”Maytime”

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