Greatest American Painters

Edward Burns Quigley (1895 – 1984)

Posted by M.R.N. on August 20, 2010

Buffalo Hunt

Wells Fargo Stage Coach

Yakama Horse Roundup

Circle Of The Wagons

Ready To Ride

Horse Capture

Waiting For The Stock Truck

Umatilla Village

Montana Wonderland

A Band Of Wild Horses

Wild Mustang In The Canyon

Table Rock In Eastern Oregon

Landscape With Cowboy And Horse On Bridge Opening Pole Gate

3 Responses to “Edward Burns Quigley (1895 – 1984)”

  1. Bill McCombs said

    I own the E.B.Quigley Yakama Horse Roundup. I would consider selling it at the right price. Please e-mail me if interested.

  2. Howard Hamby said

    Would you be interested in selling the Montana Wonderland painting by E.B. Quigley

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