Greatest American Painters

John Currin (1962)

Posted by M.R.N. on November 13, 2012

Honeymoon Nude

Nice ‘n Easy

The Pink Tree

The Hobo

The Cripple

Anniversary Nude

Gold Coast

Constance Towers


Purple Bra

The Dane


Pushkin Girl

Stamford After Brunch

The Women Of Franklin Street


Big Goddess



Saltwater Nymph

Sheree North

Rachel In The Garden



The Reader



The Teenagers

After Courbet

Blond Angel

 © John Currin

9 Responses to “John Currin (1962)”

  1. F. Swemson said

    This artist is a very twisted fellow!

  2. Bruce said

    I will not call it pornography, but I will call it a turnoff in the way the human body and sexual acts are portrayed in these paintings. Ugly people with misshapen bodies. It’s as if the artist is disgusted by the female body and sex in general and wants us to feel the same way. Absolutely terrible.

    Well, there goes any idea of using American Gallery as my home page! “Sure, boss, let me get those equipment quotes for you right now. Just hold on a sec while I fire up the old browser . . . Ooops! Uh, heh, sorry about that!” [Followed by rapid mouse clicking.]

    I’ve seen some bad stuff here but this is the first time, Suzay, that it has occurred to me to criticize your choice of someone to be included in your “GREATEST American Painters” gallery. It seems like *anybody* can be included in this blog, even if it means scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    • Suzay Lamb said

      If my memory serves me well, this is the SECOND time you rebuke me. A couple of criticism over more than 1600 posts is average-acceptable.
      Seriously (as much as I can), with the exception of abstract art, this blog is open to all forms of expression. This does not necessarily mean that I like everything that is posted here. About John Currin, according to the most credible critics (New Yorker, New York Times…) he is not “anybody”. You may like it or not, but his work cannot be considered as “scraping the bottom of the barrel”.
      Anyway, stay tuned. I still have some good shot in my barrel…

  3. A little (well, more than a little) grotesque and maybe disturbing, yes, undeniable.But I think John Currin isn’t exactly “anybody” or the bottom of the barrel, I remember the first image was the cataloge cover for an exposition in Thyssen-Bornemisza museum in Madrid, not exactly an amateur’s salon (the exposition theme was something around erotic theme, I apologize for my bad memory)

  4. F. Swemson said

    Hieronymus Bosch meets Georges Grosz, with a little Bob Guccione thrown in….

  5. Mark said

    The artistic equivalent of a hiccup.

  6. danny said

    kinda breaks my my heart to see another artist who has lost his mind.

    but that is the norm these days as folks swell up with undelt with rage and fear.

    when i want sex i go have sex, folks who want the orgasm but not the closeness turn to this crap

    as well there is a element of suicide in it and hatred of children, can you imagine have this nut for a parent

    please remove me from your mailing list, which is sad to wrote as i just wrote to be put on it

    this is my message to you suzy,–those who question themselves-have shown love for all the world

    now please delete me and see a therapist

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