Greatest American Painters

John Hesselius (1728 – 1778)

Posted by American Gallery on May 9, 2012

Elizabeth Chew Smith

Charles Calvert, Eldest Son Of Benedict Swingate Calvert

Mrs. William Carmichael

Eleanor Addison

John Paca

Rev. Richard Brown

Mrs. Richard Brown

Thomas Sprigg

Mrs. Thomas Sprigg (Elizabeth Galloway)

Mrs. Anthony Stewart (Jean Dick)

Thomas Chamberlaine

Sarah Taliaferro (Mrs. William Dainerfield)

The Grymes Children

Daniel Of St. Thomas Jenifer

Ann Fitzhugh Rose

John Hanson

Mrs Richard Galloway

Mrs. Gavin Lawson (Susannah Rose)

Margaret Tilghman Carroll (Mrs Charles Carroll the Barrister)

Mrs. Matthews Tilghman (Anna Lloyd) And Daughter Anna Maria

Mrs. Edward Fell (Ann Bond)

Mrs. Middleton

Rebecca Holdsworth And Grandaughter Rebecca Woodward

Anna Dorothea Finney

Millicent Conway Gordon


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