Greatest American Painters

Ignaz Marcel Gaugengigl (1855 – 1932)

Posted by A. S. Amberson on August 1, 2012

The Visitor


A Man And His Dog

Mrs. James Henry Lancashire (Sarah Hale Wright)

Self-Portrait 1907

Old Friend

The Manuscript

His Studio

Pensive Child

Portrait Of A Woman

The Painter

Dandies In The Park

The Hat

The Dandy

The Dandy

Young Lady With A Rose

Ezra H. Baker

Self Portrait In The Artist’s Studio

An Italian Street

Fishermen Returning Home

A Soldier

Woman Holding Flower

The Surprise

Distinguished Lady


The Violinist (And Drive Dull Care Away)


A Difficult Question


One Response to “Ignaz Marcel Gaugengigl (1855 – 1932)”

  1. vincenzo said

    This artist seem to me was a good painter. Beautiful paintings and drawings. I please much his three portraits and ‘The visitator”, where, in the room, we can see also his easel.

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