Greatest American Painters

Amos Sewell (1901 – 1983)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 8, 2012

Formal Hug - Little Boy With Dirty Hands

Who Will He Ask?

Banana Split

Parent-Teacher Conference

American Tourists in Venice

Baseball In The Hospital

Out of Ice Cream

This Car Needs Washing

School Orchestra

Former Figure

Parents' Reveille

High School Commencement Address

Shy Lovers

Eavesdropping on Love

Christmas Photograph

Kids Playing Cowboy

Scuba In The Tub

Dance Cotillion

Go Two Miles, Turn Left...

Surveying the Cow Pasture

Blown Fuse

Cool Record

Let Freedom Ring

Christmas Sermon

Among The Eskimo

11 Responses to “Amos Sewell (1901 – 1983)”

  1. Bruce said

    There are some cute themes in this series. Two that particularly amused me are “Baseball in the Hospital” and “This Car Needs Washing.”

  2. john444 said

    Call me”archaic Main Stream” but I like it.

  3. Art & History said

    Fascinating glimpses of mid-20th century, but often so passive-agressive. Perhaps he was bitter that his career was always overshadowed by that of Norman Rockwell.

  4. MLB said

    What I like is that all of the faces are individualistic in his paintings. Look at “School Orchestra”, every child is different than the others. On the other hand, you can see that he has a tendency to use the same models. Is the brunette his wife? The young blond, his daughter? Hmmmm. Irony is stamped all over these paintings, and a sense of sad whimsy is portrayed in “Former Figure”. Good stuff.

    • John severson said

      Did Amos Sewell ever live in Skokie Illinois or have a reason to be there around the spring of 1956

      • Joseph Emerson said

        Amos Sewell was my uncle ( husband of my grandmother’s sister). The models were not his kids because he had none. My brother and I were occasionally models but not often. He lived in Westport CT and used local models.

    • Mark Baumgart said

      Dear John, that’s nice to know, I wonder though, what the artist would think that he’s being appreciated even now.

  5. Rina Delgado said

    i have he opportunity to owned two paiting from Amos Sewell!! but i dont see than in this pictures they are very unique. i love all of his paitings !

    • Bob Wale said

      Amos Sewell did hundreds of illustrations for many magazines, including the Sat. Eve. Post. I may be able to identify where your Sewell illustrations were reproduced. e-mail me your pictures and I will try.

  6. humphry said

    Amos and Ruth were dear friends of my parents, especially my mother with whom Ruth exchanged extensive correspondence. I visited their lovely home in Westport, Connecticut, and would be pleased to exchange reminiscences with Suzay Lamb.

  7. William said

    Can anyone clarify as to why his name (as painted) appears as “Sewell” and “Seweil” ? I have examined several of his paintings and both spellings appear regularly. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance

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