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Don Ivan Punchatz (1936 – 2009)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 26, 2012

Gerald Ford

Crisis In Psychoanalysis

The Silent Invaders

Great Science Fiction By Scientists

Repent, Harlequin

Easel Portrait

Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing

The Man In The Maze

Mirror Man

Ancient Evenings: The Queen

Ancient Evenings: Man Servant

Bride Of Frankenstein



The Mummy

The Wolf Man

The Headless Horseman And Ichabod Crane

The Fabulous Riverboat

The Magic Labyrinth

Portraits Of The New South – Sheriff Leon Jackson, Fayette County, Georgia

Grand Master


Switch Bitch

John Le Carré


7 Responses to “Don Ivan Punchatz (1936 – 2009)”

  1. Holly said

    Love his quirky surrealistic take on reality. The reality behind the reality intrigues him – and he has the techinical skill to share his vision.

  2. Bruce said

    Here are my observations:

    “Gerald Ford” – talk about brain freeze!

    “Crisis In Psychoanalysis” – is that Sigmund Freud or Woody Allen?

    “The Silent Invaders” – even without the mask, the female alien is definitely on the left. Compare with the pot-bellied male.

    “Great Science Fiction By Scientists” – that’s the thing about scientists; everything’s fine until they lose their minds and become Mad Scientists.

    “Repent, Harlequin” – yeah, for stealing that rainbow jelly bean!

    “Easel Portrait” – great portrait of the easel. Too bad the painter included the human face; I find it distracting.

    “Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing” – did my boss sit for this painting?!?

    “The Man In The Maze” – is the man in the middle on the inside or the outside?

    “Mirror Man” – smoking is definitely bad for you.

    “Ancient Evenings: The Queen” – again, the female is on the left.

    “Ancient Evenings: Man Servant” – did my wife commission this painting?

    “Bride Of Frankenstein,” “Frankenstein,” “Dracula,” “The Mummy,” and “The Wolf Man” – these really are very good but in “The Headless Horseman And Ichabod Crane,” I’m more afraid of the Horse than the Horseman!

    “The Fabulous Riverboat” and “The Magic Labyrinth” – I believe that’s the Red Baron’s Fokker triplane in these pictures. If so, it looks odd without Snoopy’s doghouse biplane in pursuit!

    “Portraits Of The New South” – I live north of the Mason-Dixon Line, so when I say that I find this a bit offensive, I can imagine how Southerners might feel. Two wrongs don’t make a right, even if the first wrong was horrendous. “Dr Weevil” soda?

    “Grand Master” – specially-tailored running shorts are required.

    “Surprise” – I am fairly certain that this refers to the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre. If so, it’s in poor taste.

    “Switch Bitch” – your guess is as good as mine. I will say this: The author of this blog, being female, shows remarkable tolerance and forbearance in posting some of the “art” here that even I, being male, find to be sexist. (This was a comment that I was also tempted to make for the recent Al Brule posting.)

    “John Le Carré” – the only respectable work of art shown here, in my opinion, aside perhaps from his movie monster series. Let’s just say Mr. Punchatz would not be very high on my personal list of favorite artists.

    • Greg Punchatz said

      Wow ….You sir are a complete and utter troll. Do you not have anything better to do than to write an utterly juvenile critique of my fathers work?

      Not that I need to defend my dads work, but I thought I should share someone else’s view on my dads work.

      “Don Ivan Punchatz — Don Ivan’s ability to touch men with acrylic and melt them into beasts, or touch beasts with oil and ink, and voila, they are senators or brokers is endlessly stunning. Metaphor, after all, is the universal language and Don Ivan Punchatz could teach at Berlitz.”
      — Ray Bradbury

  3. PJ said

    Does anyone know if Punchatz did a painting of a cowboy sitting with feet propped up in a Cadillac with an oil platform in background and an bird flying overhead?
    I found a signed painting of this in estate sale.
    The license plate on Cadillac has Punchatz on it

  4. liz punchatz said

    yes he did a painting of a cowboy with feet propped up
    🙂 liz punchatz

  5. Greg Punchatz said

    I have a ton of samples of my Father’s work if you would care to post them.

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