Greatest American Painters

Michael Cheval (1966)

Posted by M.R.N. on August 23, 2011

Imagine (In Memory of John Lennon)

Magic Flute

Count of Orange Dreams

Lullaby For Desdemona

Lady Of Hurricane

On The Way Of Destiny

Guardian Angel

Terra Incognita (Columbus)

Twist Of Local Geography

Perfect Stranger

Lullaby of Uncle Magritte

Wake Up Call In Wonderland


New Rules Of The New Game

Trojan Defense

Basket of Love

Tea For One

Art of Diplomacy

Dream Flood In Fairyland (H.C.Andersen)

Good Morning Dr. Freud

Revelation of Don Quixote

Portrait Of Mr and Mrs Paul Cass In Vermeer’s Interior

Frank Zappa

The Cold Expanse Sonata (Anna Karenina Theme)

Gina Lollobrigida

5 Responses to “Michael Cheval (1966)”

  1. Bruce said

    Quirky, if not bizarre! Fascinatingly strange. I love these! “Lennon” and “Desdemona” are keepers, as are five or six others. Please tell me Frank Zappa posed “in situ” for his portrait, hee, hee!

  2. I would not use the word “bizarre” but rather engaging, witty,highly imaginative and even alluring.Painting has the ever-tempting potential to create imagery so outlandish,utterly new and surprising that the viewer is given the delicious experience of confronting a vision totally un-thought of before.Michael Cheval does succeeds it that splendidly.
    One day in the future trash of “modern art” will be cast out of our museums onto land fill of cultural toxic waste and art like the paintings of Cheval will be proudly shown there. I believe it will happen .

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