Greatest American Painters

Henryk Fantazos (1944)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 2, 2011

Okra Smugglers

Temptations Under Magnolia Tree

Tabernacle Of Tupelo Honey

Blessing The Eno

Tugboat Bakery

Deities Of Metals

Eros In Winter

Conversations With Jane

Submarine Nursery


Molluscan Bay

Tango In Winter

Song Of Self

Bat-Frogs Of Merchants Millpond

Yellow Sky Of Summer

Dixie Fiddle

Catfish Tableau

Vagabond Bride

Lessons Of Flying

Strangers In My Garden

Arithmetic Of Departure

Rose Cats

Swampwater Baptism #1

Meet Mr. Godot

3 Responses to “Henryk Fantazos (1944)”

  1. allen said

    Those were very interesting

  2. Sylvia said

    Amazing imagination and fantasies. Very creative and mind-boggeling. It is exciting to see so much creativity. It is very impressive and is also pure poetry.

  3. liudmyla said

    Colour combinations are so exquisitive, I feel their effect upon subconscience, and conscience as well

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