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John Walter Scott (1907 – 1987)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 20, 2010

Raiding The Campsite

Departing Camp At Otter Creek

Wind River Encampment, Arapaho

The Way It Was

Headin’ North

The Deer Hunter

Mountain Man

Mountain Man

Red Cross

Red Cross

Wild West Weekly – The Whistlin’ Kid

Western Story

Western Novel – Gun Raiders Of Silver City

Quick Trigger


Marvel Stories – Substitute For War





Course Automobile

Course Automobile

Hunter And Son

Hunter And Son

Four Hunters

Four Hunters

Fishing Scene

Fishing Scene

Sports Afield – Cut Down Your Fishing Odds

Fly Fishing

11 Responses to “John Walter Scott (1907 – 1987)”

  1. Cam Cofer said

    My father was John W Scott. Noticed the westerns on this site. I have the photos my father took of some of my horses, and some of people who boarded their horses with my husband and myself. The Appaloosa blue roan was a filly named Wendy. The bay is my barrel racer named May West. There is a painting, and prints of it by Mill Pond Press, titled ” The Waterfall”. The horse and rider are actually myself on a Pony of the Americas named Arrowhead’s Little Princess. I have the photo taken of her eating grass to mimic the action of a horse drinking. If anyone has questions about his paintings I may have the answers.

  2. Cam Cofer said

    John Walter Scott is my father. The last painting shown “Fly Fishing” has a note on it. I can not read it. Can you tell me what it says? The painting looks familiar but, I can to truly place it. You may not know that my father did murals for the Museum of the Oil Industry in Midland TX and the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City, and Washington to name a few places. Also, noticed you do not show my mother Flavia Bensing Scott ( signed some works FB Scott or Flavia B Scott). She did oil still lifes. They were in a very realistic style. She showed in Connecticut and out west as she had a gallery out there. Unfortunately, I can not remember the gallery’s name. Her father was the illustrator and portrait painter Frank C Bensing which is also not a listed artist. He has a portrait at the National Portrait Gallery. Hoping that you can at some point add them to your extensive list.

    • Suzay Lamb said

      Thanks for sharing your information. The note on the lower right corner of “Fly Fishing” says: “To John P. Montgomery From John Scott, Sept. 23, 1951″…Unfortunately I don’t have copies of your mother’s paintings and I can’t find them on the internet. On the contrary I know Frank C. Bensing and I really appreciate his paintings and illustrations. I will post a selection of them soon.

    • Marsha said

      Cam-I would like to know more about your father. I am a tour host at the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City and one of your father’s paintings hangs there. I would like to know more about the artist and I am having a hard time finding any information. Can you tell me about him or give an idea where to find more information on him?

      • Cam Cofer said

        Marsha, Sorry have not been on this site in awhile. Just saw your note. Just looked at the site and I remember the painting well. My father used his family and friends to pose for many of the individuals shown. It was painted in his studio in Ridgefield Connecticut. A temporary plywood wall was constructed so he could paint it. Please tell me what you need to know about my father so I can try and fill in the areas of missing information.

  3. Carlie said


    I recently came across three western (cowboys/horses) illustrations signed John Scott. They look to be done in pencil/charcoal, but they look like prints – not the original drawings. I was wondering if you have any more information about this?

    Thank you.

    • Cam Cofer said

      My father, John Scott, did do some drawings in pencil. For many years he did a pencil drawing for Sports Afield called “Tail Feathers” that illustrated a short story. He did have some of this paintings that were done as prints by Mill Pond Press. Not sure if any were pencil drawings.

      • Leigh Leighton said

        Hello there – I have the original oil painting “Raiding the Campfire” by your father. This was purchased from your mother shortly after your father’s death. It is now for sale and I’m wondering if you would know what year it was painted? My understanding is that it was commissioned by Brown & Bigelow.
        I also have an artist’s proof of “The Waterfall” (#7/56).

  4. Larry said

    Is there a buyer for my John Scott water color ?

  5. Ann said

    I hope this message gets to Cam, as referred to above. My question is whether or not I can get a print of Woman at the Well painted by your father. Any information would be very appreciated. Thanks.

  6. sandy marchese said

    I have an oil painting by John Walter Scott. It is oil on canvas and dated 1952. My father acquired this in Los Angeles shortly after it was painted. It is painting of two buffalos on the prairie. I have not measured the size, but estimate it is 30 x 40 in.
    It is in great condition. Any idea on value?

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