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Mary Helen Carlisle (1869 – 1925)

Posted by M.R.N. on April 19, 2010

Portrait Of A Woman

Queen Mary

Queen Victoria

Portrait Of A Lady Seated

Young Girl With Budgerigars

Feeding The Animals

Garden View

Woodscape – Trees In Forest

Water Garden At Newton, Tipperary

13 Responses to “Mary Helen Carlisle (1869 – 1925)”

  1. June Sybil Bailey said

    I have quite a few paintings painted by Mary Helen Carlisle as she was my great aunt and her sister Sybil Carlisle left them to my father Sydney Carlisle and at his death they were handed to me. I believe she painted in America and her married name was Mary Carlisle~Carr. I would love to know if there are any relatives who would like to get in touch

    • Susan Kitchen said

      Sorry i’m not a relative. But i was in London recently and in an old shop which stocked postcards, music sheets etc i found some old bookmarks. I bought one which had been posted and the date was 1904. The picture on the front was of Sybil Carlisle and i wondered who she was. All i’ve found out so far is that she was an Actress. I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about her . When, where she was born etc.
      Kind Regards

    • Dear Ms. Bailey,

      Pasadena Museum of History in Pasadena, California, recently identified a pastel painting in our collection as the work of Mary Helen Carlisle. I would like to contact you to discuss your great aunt, her California paintings, and particularly the origins of this beautiful garden painting. My email is

      Thank you,

      Julie Stires, Project Archivist

      Pasadena Museum of History
      Research Library and Archives
      470 W. Walnut Street
      Pasadena, California 91103-3594

    • Mary said

      Hi, thought I would drop a line as I am indirectly related to Mary Helen Carlisle. My grandmother was Sybile Carlisle and her father was Lieutenant Thomas Hamilton Carlisle who is Mary Helen’s brother. I was researching Thomas when I came across your message. Regards from South Africa, Mary Rudd (nee Pistorius)

      • Paddy Smith said

        I have only just found this post! Mary Helen Carlisle was the daughter of Alice Margaret Bissett and Sydney Carlisle. Her mother’s second husband was Arthur Carr and they then ran some sort of agency under the name of Carlisle-Carr. I am related distantly ( through Sydney’s uncle John Carlisle) and would love to exchange information with you. My email address is

    • Dave Glenister said

      Hi June

      If you receive this after all these years, please come back to me as we have a common interest! I am distantly related …

      Regards … Dave

  2. Dan Hynes said

    Dear Ms. Bailey, I have recently acquired a large pastel by your great aunt. “Young Woman with Bird Cage and Two Budgerigars”, pastel on board, 35 1/2 x 28 inches, signed lower left. It is a beautiful work. I would be interested if you have any record of this painting. I would also be very interested to know more of the works of art that you have.
    Dan Hynes
    12159 Walnut Hill Drive
    Rockville, VA 23146

  3. Dave Glenister said

    … And I am sitting out here in South Africa too – very interested in the works of Mary Helen Carlisle and her history. Like Paddy, I am distantly related through the same John Carlisle mentioned by her. The connection is through his brother Frederick Carlisle, who was Mary Helen’s grandfather. Paddy and I have collected the same pictures you have on this site, plus another 5, and would love to add to this. Also, I am keen to talk to June and Mary about the family connections, perhaps on the side? If any of this is of interest to Julie and Dan, of course, we would be happy to form a little discussion group. If any of you see our messages after all this time, please respond as it would be such fun to share what we know with you all …

    • Mary said

      Hi, sorry to have not been in contact recently.
      Thomas Hamilton Carlisle (circa 1882) was the son of Sydney Carlisle and Alice Margaret Bissett. Frederick was the 6th child of the 12 children of William Carlisle (b.1762) and Prudence Wolfe (1767-1848).
      Thomas married Alice Mary Maud Bell-Browne (I still need info on this lady). He was a Lieutenant in the South African Light Horse, but on 13 April 1915 he was promoted to temporary lieutenant in the Corps of Royal Engineers. He received the Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry on the night of Sep 2 1915 near Armentieres, France in saving a man who had been overcome by fumes after an explosion.
      In the article in the New York Times, 19 Oct 1915, he is described as the brother of Mary Helen Carlisle, the artist in New York at that time; and Sybil Carlisle, the actress!
      My grandmother Sybil Alice Carlisle was his daughter (I have not found any other children, nor did my father know of any siblings). Sybil married Edward Charles Pistorius and had two boys – Dr. Peter Edward (1926 – 1986) and my father – David Pistorius, b. 1929 and still working full time as a lawyer with Garlicke and Bousfield here in Durban, Natal.
      Sybil left her husband and children when my father was still at school and went back to England, but later in her life came back to live near us in Durban. My father used this incident in his life to teach us love and compassion and the sacredness of married life. He and my mother were married for over 50 years until Mom died last year.
      Peter had four children – two girls – Jacqueline and Heloise and two boys – Colin and Owen, and I was the only girl with three brothers – Stephen, Paul and John.
      I remember my grandmother Sybil as being very good with figures – she was a bookkeeper – and she could add columns of figures in pounds, shillings and pence in her head as she ran her finger down the column!

      • Dave Glenister said

        Dear Mary and others

        This is indeed quite remarkable … thanks so much for clearing up the family connection. Although more distantly related, Paddy Smith and I are still keen to make contact with you and June. Please would you contact me off-site at

        Julie … have you collected any more of Mary Helen’s pictures? f so, I would be keen to document them for the family record please.

        Regards … Dave

  4. Mary Vasquez said

    I have a Mary Helen Carlisle pastel ” Roses on Apple’s Early Summer at Egarton L. Winthrop’s Syosset, L.I., in what looks like an original frame. I would like to find out anything about this work , such as value, era etc. if anyone can direct me where to get help I will appreciate it. Thank’s, mary

    • Dave Glenister said

      Hi Mary

      I should think that your best bet would be to contact Julie Stires at If you have a photo of the work, I’d love to add it to the record we are trying to build up of Mary Helen’s pictures.

      Regards … Dave

      • Mary Vasquez said

        Dave, Thank you for the quick response. I tried to take some decent picture’s for you. I hope they are suitable for your purpose. I will contact Julie, thank you for the recommendation. Mary

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