Greatest American Painters

William Robinson Leigh (1866 – 1955)

Posted by American Gallery on September 15, 2012

Portrait of Sophie Hunter Colston

Afterglow Over The Zuni River

Indian Madonna

Baking Pottery, Acoma Pueblo

Grand Canyon

Home, Sweet Home

Indian Maiden At A Spring

Navajo Courtship

Master Of His Domain

Grand Canyon Of Arizona

Sentinel Of The Plains

The Sand Painter

Visions Of Yesterday

The Scout

Land Of His Fathers

The Endless Journey

The Buffalo Hunt

Zuni Pottery Painter

Winnowing Grain

Return Of The War Canoes

Navajos Weaving

Custer’s Last Fight

Monument Valley

The Mystic

The Hopi Indian Runners

The Roping

The Hopi Vase

Shelling Corn

The Water Hole

Voice Of The Desert


2 Responses to “William Robinson Leigh (1866 – 1955)”

  1. Bruce said

    Sophie looks a bit uncomfortable in that high and tight neck wrap.

    William: “Smile, Sophie!”

    Sophie: “Are we done for the day, soon? And remind me to bring a cushion to sit on next time!”

    She also looks very much out of place in this oeuvre in both subject matter and painting style.

  2. Ed Darrell said

    Are any of Leigh’s works included in the collections of Amon Carter or Sid Richardson, do you know?

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