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William Robinson Leigh (1866 – 1955)

Posted by M.R.N. on September 15, 2012

Portrait of Sophie Hunter Colston

Afterglow Over The Zuni River

Indian Madonna

Baking Pottery, Acoma Pueblo

Grand Canyon

Home, Sweet Home

Indian Maiden At A Spring

Navajo Courtship

Master Of His Domain

Grand Canyon Of Arizona

Sentinel Of The Plains

The Sand Painter

Visions Of Yesterday

The Scout

Land Of His Fathers

The Endless Journey

The Buffalo Hunt

Zuni Pottery Painter

Winnowing Grain

Return Of The War Canoes

Navajos Weaving

Custer’s Last Fight

Monument Valley

The Mystic

The Hopi Indian Runners

The Roping

The Hopi Vase

Shelling Corn

The Water Hole

Voice Of The Desert


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Harold von Schmidt (1893 – 1982)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 30, 2012

Two Guys Fighting Over A Girl


Comanche Arrow

Chasing Woman

Skinny Dip

Custer’s Last Stand

Korean War Scene

George Washington

Bridge Bombed

Officers On Horses

Sam Houston


The Sutler’s Daughter

Rough Going Over The Sierras

Prospectors Panning For Gold

Gold Discovered At Sutter’s Mill

Buffalo Bill Cody

Girl Captive

Shooting It Out

Cavalry Charge

The Hawker, The Swagman And The Thief


In The Jungle

In San Francisco Life Was Gay

Getting Dressed

Mojave Kid

White Invader

I Could Take You

Romance Among The Flowers

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon


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Lloyd Branson (1854 – 1925)

Posted by M.R.N. on April 3, 2012

Ellen McClung Berry

Transporting Mail AD 1800 - AD 1900

Gathering Of The Mountain Men At Sycamore Shoals

Western Mounted Mail Carrier, Pony Express

Mail Carrier 100 Years Ago

Portrait Of A Young Woman

George Armstrong Custer

Professor Lowry of Knoxville

California To Oregon Stagecoach

Daybreak On An East Tennessee Farm

Pastoral Landscape


James Beriah Frazer

Portrait Of A Man

Thomas William Humes

Portrait Of A Distinguished Gentleman

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Alton Tobey (1914 – 2005)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 12, 2011

Battle Of The Alamo

Sumerian Priests

Custer’s Last Stand

The Megaron


The Last Halt

Battle Of Lexington

Abraham Lincoln

Inca Brain Surgery

At The Seashore

Spanish Lady

Harriett Hunter


Theodore Roosevelt


The Promised Land

Albert Einstein

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Michael Gnatek (1934 – 2006)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 25, 2011

Red Arrow At War – The 32nd Infantry Division At Buna, Papua, New Guinea, December 1942

Island By Island

The Grim Face Of War

Buffalo Soldier

Confederate Green

The Homecoming

54th Massachusetts

General George Armstrong Custer


Mountain Man

General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Wind River Hunter

General James Longstreet

General Lee & Traveller

Patton In North Africa

Patton At Bastogne

General Nathan Bedford Forrest & King Phillip

President Abraham Lincoln


4th Texas Vol Inf, Hood’s Brigade

President Theodore Roosevelt

Sergeant Carney’s Flag

Echoes In The Wild

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Astley David Middleton Cooper (1856 – 1924)

Posted by M.R.N. on May 5, 2011

The Burning Arrow

Red Cloud’s Winter Camp

The Blacksmith

Indian Encampment

Custer’s Last Battle

An Indian Chieftain

An Indian Chieftain

Indian Encampment In The Tetons


Indian Encampment

Protecting The Land

Waiting For Montezuma

Native Americans Looking Across A Canyon

Setting The Ambush

Buffalo Hunt

Trophies Of The Frontier


Portrait Of A Gypsy

Chief Sleeping Bear

Chief Sleeping Bear

Indian Camp At Night

Indian Camp At Night

The Cavalier

The Cavalier

Scantily Clad Female

Scantily Clad Female

Indian Chief

Indian Chief



Female Nude In Eastern Dress

Female Nude In Eastern Dress

Plains Indian Encampment

Plains Indian Encampment

Buffalo In A Landscape

Buffalo In A Landscape

California Lakeside

California Lakeside

Indian Maiden Princess

Indian Maiden Princess

Female Nude

Female Nude

A Young Beauty

A Young Beauty

Plains Buffalo

Plains Buffalo


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Edgar Samuel Paxson (1852 – 1919)

Posted by M.R.N. on January 26, 2011

Custer’s Last Stand

Sign Of Peace

Seeking The White Man’s Book

Lewis And Clark With Sacagawea At Three Forks


Joseph, Nez Perce

The Last Shot

Portrait Of Custer

Visit To Another Tribe

Nez Perce Chief

The Old Guide

Louison Sub-Chief And Judge Of The Flatheads

The War Party

The Buffalo Hunt

Ah Kene Ah

title unknown

Little Bear Cree Chief

Gate Of The Mountains

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