Greatest American Painters

Mark Keller

Posted by M.R.N. on July 18, 2012

Harmony In The Street

A Glass Of Blue

Bird And The Bovine

Song For Tiny Melvin And Roy

Give Her Another Hand


The Student

The Teacher

The Sommelier

Melody In Black And White

Bird Songs

Tango Players In La Boca

Dance With A Shadow

A Fowl Melody

Alone With A Song

Cello By A Window

September Song

Gypsy Rain

Girl On A Bed

Almost Ready

Dakota On The Stairs

The Melody Lingers

Echoes Of A Melody

A Glass Of Red

© Mark Keller

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4 Responses to “Mark Keller”

  1. Bruce said

    15 pictures saved out of 24. I believe that is a record for me in terms of number and percent of total (62%). My favorite: “Bird And The Bovine” I assume that’s Charlie “Bird” Parker. That cow knows good music when she hears it!

    • Suzay Lamb said

      “Bird with a Bovine” was inspired by a semi-legendary history that, over the years, has been retold as if it were true. The (fully invented) story was that during his Sweden tour, while riding through the countryside between city gigs, Charlie Parker stepped out of his car and started playing his sax at a placid cow. Since I’m spending my holidays in Sweden right now, I like to think that this story is true.

      I also think that “Gypsy Rain” is a portrait of Django Reinhardt, whose third and fourth fingers were partially paralysed (he played all of his guitar solos with only two fingers and used the two injured digits only for chord work).

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