Greatest American Painters

Hugh Newell (1830 – 1915)

Posted by American Gallery on June 1, 2012

An American Sportsman

Seated Girl Reading

The Blacksmith Shop

An African-American Gentleman

Woman Sewing

Two Farm Girls With A Baby Bird

A Grey Mare And Foal

Haystacks In Field

A Rest From The Fields – Mother Nursing Her Infant

The Little Scarecrow

Farmyard Scene With Boy And Geese

Forest Stream

Dam Along The Forest Stream

Fighting For Attention

Young Woman With A White Horse

Boy And His Dog

Landscape, Morning – Willimantic, Dew Creek, Ohio,

The Artist And His Subject

Young Boy With Dog

Summer Pastoral – The Pond

Maryland Countryside

Woman Sewing In The Kitchen

Basket Of Grapes

Girl With A Nosegay – Georgiana Nichols


2 Responses to “Hugh Newell (1830 – 1915)”

  1. vincenzo said

    It seems to me that this painter was a good interpreter of the nineteenth century realism. Good picture of the hunter resting after a long hunt, standing next to the dog and killed prey. He does not seem very pleased with what has already been obtained. He rests, but at the same time observing the surrounding environment, perhaps hoping to add other prey.
    I personally am against hunting, but I think good painting of Nevell. I definitely seem beautiful landscapes and still life with fruit basket. But I also seem interesting scenes with subjects in natural portraits, especially “Two Girls With A Baby Bird Farm” and “Mother Nursing Her Infant”.

    • vincenzo said

      It’s no good “standing.” I was talking about the hunter to rest, beside the dog and killed prey. Google Translate it well enough, though occasionally assigns the wrong words, that distort thinking. I’ll be a little more careful, and especially re-read before you post. I apologize again.

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