Greatest American Painters

Simon Silva (1961)

Posted by M.R.N. on December 4, 2010

Amor a todas horas

Amor eterno

Dos mujeres

Amor de padre

Los Comadres


Cesar Chavez


Un dia de campo

Una flor


Gathering The Sun

4 Responses to “Simon Silva (1961)”

  1. Marta Gallegos said

    Where can I get a print of Amor Eterno and how much will it cost?

  2. Maria simental said

    No hay nada mas simple y hermoso que el amor!
    Lo difícil es plasmarlo de tal manera que los demás lo puedan ver, sentir,vivir!!!!!
    mis respetos y admiración para este gran artista!!!!

  3. Diane McAuley said

    I have my first painting called Love at all horas. Its beautiful. I saw it at one of my clients homes just yesterday for our gift exchanges. I sold them there home and they had art work up on the walls and i loved the picture. He said you know i have another one in the garage and he brought it out and gave it to me. I put it up at my home, and now i want more. Wow i just started a wonderful collection on Simon Silvas work. God bless him and continue to succeed in your craft. You are very special man. Sincerely A Latina with girl, Diane Carrillo Tellez McAuley

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