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Edmund Marion Ashe (1867 – 1941)

Posted by M.R.N. on November 3, 2010


Pot Of Tea And Ice Cream

Slaughtering The Pig

Boat In From Baltimore



Hunter With Mule

After The Welcome Home – A Job!

Paddling In The Moonlight

One Response to “Edmund Marion Ashe (1867 – 1941)”

  1. Wonderful, but isn’t it hard to reconcile the social realist with the Victorian illustrator?
    I have another Ashe illustration, similar in style to Paddling In the Moonlight, and purchased at the same auction. It is marked in the margin
    Hearts Insurgent, Chap 10 – page 77-
    “Then she sent out cry after cry for help”–
    However William Hatherell was the sole illustrator of Hearts Insurgent — which became Jude the Obscure in book form. Also, the sentence “Then she sent out cry after cry for help” does not appear in either the serialized version or the finished novel. The British edition used the same illustrations.
    Finally, even if Ashe merely submitted an illustration and was not chosen, it hardly fits: Chapter X is on pages 197-199 (not 77), and the only casualty is the pig! The drawing represents the discovery of a man’s body by a woman. I can find no trace of another story by anyone titled Hearts Insurgent, so I am hoping Ashe was hired for a subsequent illustrated American edition, and that the title he had been given was still Hearts Insurgent.
    Any thought on this would be very helpful.

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