Greatest American Painters

Walter Beach Humphrey (1892 – 1966)

Posted by M.R.N. on November 25, 2009

Patriotic Montage

George Washington Tending To A Wounded Soldier

A New Spring

Washington And His Troops

The Blessing Of Freedom

The Wild West

He Had Tobacco By The Cord, Ten Squaws And More To Come…But He Never Yet Had Tasted The New England Rum

Book Characters Coming To Life As Boy Reads

The Elks Magazine

The Goddess (Artist’s Wife)

Mother And Child

Dog With Can

title unknown

Farmboy Drinking Water Out Of A Wooden Well-Bucket



What Is Man?

New Year’s Baby And Father Time Announcing 1924

Santa Claus Buttons Up His Flying Gear

Boy Scouts Of America – 25th Anniversary

American Junior Red Cross

8 Responses to “Walter Beach Humphrey (1892 – 1966)”

  1. dgcampbell said

    i studied undered Walter Beach in 1955 and would like to buy one of his works.

    Thank You,
    D.Gordon Campbell

    • Carol Lindbert said

      I saw your post that you studied under my grandfather Walter Beech Humphrey in 1955 – I have one historical painting and a few small paintings of Lake George. If you have an interest in purchasing let me know –

    • Nadine Sanville said

      I don’t know if you purchased a painting, but I have a very old one that I was told was supposed to be a magazine cover. It’s of an old man fixing a harness–it reminded me of my grandfather. It is in original condition and not on a fancy canvas.

  2. ken shumaker said


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