Greatest American Painters

Benjamin Wu (1961)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 9, 2012

The Morning Market

Country Girl

Back Of Nude With Bandana

title unknown

Zorma, A Tibetan Girl

Nude By The Window

Life In The West

title unknown

The College Student

A Tibetan Man

Home School


Wa Woman With Pipe

Musician Of The Mountain Village

title unknown

Nude On A Sofa

title unknown

Fashion Designer

Flute Player

Tibetan Greetings

title unknown



Preparation For The Dance

© Benjamin Wu

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3 Responses to “Benjamin Wu (1961)”

  1. vincenzo said

    Here’s another good artist of Chinese origin, with excellent drawing and painting technique.

    Wu’s paintings we find a very pleasant realism. It ‘clear preference of the artist for subjects recall to memory the rhythm of the hard life, but at the same time natural and real, that was lead in socially poor and simple in his country of origin.

    While remaining faithful to its original artistic formation, which took place in Chinese art schools, he also shows great interest in Western artistic tradition, and especially American, succeeded, in his painting, very well to harmonize the two cultures so different from each other .

    The paintings above, in my opinion are all beautiful and well made, representing both individuals and environments in the Asian world, both subjects that depict the Western or American historical traditions, such as the epic of the Far West.

    If the paintings listed here, I should indicate the type I like most, I find it undoubtedly in embarrassment of choice.

    Therefore, I prefer to only say, they are all equally beautiful and pleasing in every aspect!


    P. S.
    I hope this time my English is more understandable.

  2. Bruce said

    Great work on “Country Girl.” I am reminded of some of the masterpieces of portraiture that are great due to the expression and character that they portray. There is something about this country girl . . .

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