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Robert Redbird (1939)

Posted by M.R.N. on January 4, 2010

Kiowa Matriarch

Indian Scene


Kiowa Couple

Kiowa Figure And Peyote Birds

Sisters Of The Southwest

title unknown

Peyote Prayer

The Gathering

title unknown

title unknown

The Quest

Peyote Chiefs

52 Responses to “Robert Redbird (1939)”

  1. garry colapret said

    i have a print of this numbered in the 390s. i would like to know what its worth. any information would help

    thank you

  2. Hi this is a cool place to be

  3. Naomi said

    My uncle owned a large collection of Robert Redbird artworks, which he subsequently gave away to his dear friends just before passing.
    I would like to know if Mr Redbird still creates any artwork and if so, how would i be able to get into contact with him?

    • Randy said

      Robert lives in Anadarko, Oklahoma. He has a Christian congregation there and also still paints. You may be able to Google something with that. I do not have an address or phone number.

      • james redbird said

        hello my name is james redbird robert is my granpa and what did u need to know i can answer some of your question

      • Bobbie Keeney (Greenslade) said

        I have a 16×20 painting that Robert gave me and he drew me a picture describing the meaning of the painting..but have missed placed..could you help me out? medicine man looking west…tepee on chest 4 small bottom of tepee with 4 feathers…full moon on neck..1/2 white 1/2 yellow with 4 feathers..bottom payote plant..back side of man red and orange smoke flowing to top ..front of man brown and black smoke flowing to top of painting ..when Robert was at my house one of his sons was with him was that you? also upgrading my insurance may i have the value of the painting? tell Robert L said hello Thank a bunch Bobbie

    • Anna Redbird said

      Hi, Robert is my grandfather. He is still alive, and not doing as much work as he once did, due to his age. If you would like to contact him, or get more information, you can contact me via E-mail,

  4. I have aRobert Redbird painting and it is INDIAN PRAYER. Do you have any info on the item?

  5. redbird family said

    robert redbird sr and he lives here in andarko i see him everyday you can contact him in the morning at the best value in 8 am 9 405-247-3100 ext306

  6. Jewel Mcdowell said

    Have a landscape by Redbird bought at Anadarko in 1975.It is a nightscene with a tent near water. Style is different from other paintings of his I have seen.Anyone know anthing about this painting?

  7. CWT said

    My wife and I purchased at Indian City, Anadarko in the early 70’s a one of a kind and very early Robert Redbird Sr. paintings. It is small in size and has 2 arms holding a basket of corn to the sky, a really special subject matter and painting especially when compared to all the other work of his in the market place today. I would like to know more from Robert about this painting and his thoughts about it. I am sure he has wondered where it is.

    Thank you…

  8. Kim Araujo said

    I just purchased a ragged paper print with the signature Robert Redbird Kiowa and a feather by the signature. The eagle looks very similar to the unamed piece of art above and the indian is looking forward instead of sideways. I am hoping it is a authentic Robert Redbird and not someones copy. Do you have an extensive library archive of his work in order to identify?

  9. kaw said

    I have to 2 framed and numbered Robert Redbird Prints, one is Kiowa Couple and I cannot locate the name of the other print anymore. I am interested in selling them and wondered if you could point me in the right direction.

  10. Penny said

    I have an original water color titled “The Potters” RR447 purchased in 1988 from Artistic Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona. My parents had it appraised shortly after their trip and I am trying to find an estimation of its worth. (I’m NOT interested in selling, I am merely curious). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Bill Rosenwald said

    I have a question about a Robert Redbird painting I bought in the late 70’s or early 80’s. The Robert Redbird name is printed in the lower right and underneath is Kiowa, the feather and then a small circle with the letter c in the middle. Is there any meaning to the letter c within the circle? It was bought as an original painting I believe in New Mexico. The painting is a lone Kiowa,blanket rapped, looking right, possible called Medicine Man.
    Any comments or answers will be greatly appreciated.

    • Anna Redbird said

      Hi Bill, Rober is my grandfather, this will answer your question. If you have any other questions or interest you can contact me by e-mail at

      © This symbol means that the item is copyrighted. For example, if a book is copyrighted then the writer of the book owns the rights to the book, so that if any part of it is copied or used eleswhere without the copyright owner’s permission, that is against the law, and the person who breaks the copyright can be prosecuted.

    • norma davis said

      hi bill I just spoke to robert redbird about my painting the mediicine man ,and it was very interesting to know the face turn would show a white beaded earing with some red beads also,before this I thought I had a warrior man hope this helps,norma

  12. Tammy Driver said

    I have to beautiful native american drawings. One done by Robert Redbird and the other by Will Redbird. Wondering the value of these and where might i be able to sell them. Hate to sale but family crisis have no way around it. Would like someone to get them that will enjoy them as much as I have. I will send pictures to responses i recieve.

  13. Karen S. Burger said

    Hi-My husband Steve was friends with your grandfather when he painted out in Arizona in the 70s. He had many pictures done by Robert, unfortunately lost in a divorce. We now have collected three of his paintings. Steve would like to say hi to your grandfather and see how he is doing. Thanks for passing his message. We live in Chillicothe, Ohio, 45601–740-775-3567

  14. Jerry Egger said

    I have 2 originals, one is the painting known as Robert Redbird 1939 and the other is an oil named “Grandpa” 8.5″ X 11″.
    I also have 1 print named “Peyote Chiefs” number 301 of 1500.
    Since I have retired and could use the extra money I would like to know what the value is of these items.

  15. hi…I have a beautiful original painting by Robert Redbird that I bought in 1974 in Scotsdale in a store I believe was called “Antiquities”. Its a picture of a scout wrapped in a blanket holding a feathered staff, in a snow flurry, at night, with a beautiful snowy moon.
    I would never sell it. I would like Mr Redbird to know how much pleasure it has brought me through the years and that I wish him well.
    Kate Mackie Ashton

  16. C McMillan said

    I have a Robert Redbird Tlie 7 3/4″ x 7 3/4″ titled The Rosebud Singer
    can you till me when it was made and is it from a collection
    or an individual. Any information would be helpful

  17. I have a rather large Indian painting with what appears to be redbird 68 on the bottom right corner. I was just curious to know if this was a original or remake. I would be glad to send pictures.

  18. Kristian said

    I would like to find out if there is a title to the print that I own . The man is standing above a blue Vase or jar looking to the left in a blue cloke and blue hat .

  19. Bonnie Burk said

    I have 2 prints framed and hand signed along w/print feather, sinature & date 1982. They were originally purchased from Bien Mur in Albuquerque in 82. One is two males each wrapped in blankets holding different feather rods facing rt.( looking from my view), one in a Turq. polka dot shirt the other the same in red. Very colorful. The second print is an Indian wrapped in a blanket facing left ( my view ) w/ red polka dot shirt and medallion rawhide earring and choker.This includes a copy right with the printed signature and Kiowa feather….also with a hand signature. I’d love to know more about these and perhaps their value since they’re hand signed. This print almost sounds like the same as one of your other inquiries from Bill Rosenwald. I’d love to hear from you.

  20. Anne Chambers said

    I would like to sell my Robert Redbird original painting from the eighties.Although I have love it I am moving and selling many valuables.Is this something you can advise me on.

  21. David J. Stoddard said

    This was a very interesting read. I have loved my numerous Robert Redbird paintings for years. I bought all of them (8) from the same gallery in Santa Fe, NM in the late ’70s and early 80’s. I have always thought they were all originals since the gallery owner dealt with Robert on a personal basis and bought the paintings from him directly. Each was purchased already framed so I really don’t know how they are titiled except for one, called “A Cold Day”. I’m not too inclined to dismantle the frames to see what they are called. Several are dated in the very early ’80s and also have the circled “C” in the lower right hand corner. I shall continue to read your information to see what new stuff is on the horizon. Also, talking to Robert Redbird would be an incredible honor. I’m happy to know that his is still alive and actively participating in his life.
    David Stoddard

  22. Shelly said

    A nice lady I use to work for sold me a Robert Redbird painting with 2 women in it standing side by side, one holding an umbrella. I want to know the name of the painting and what it would sell for. Thanks!

  23. T mutton said

    I own a couple ceramic tiles with his work on them, have owned them for many years now, was curious how much they might be worth today..thanks and love your work!

  24. Johnnie LeGrande said

    I bought a Redbird painting at garage sale it is the Quest, I would like to know the value of it. I love it and will never part with with it.

  25. Lillie Youngquist said

    I own a Robert Redbird original watercolor and a Robert Redbird Jr. Purchased from the Heard Mesume in Phoenix in the late 80’s. They are among my most prized earthly possessions. Thank you for sharing your spirit.

  26. Tamra said

    I have an Original Robert Redbird Jr Painting, that I believe has never had Prints Made Of It, What would the appraisal be for something like that, can anyone tell me,?

  27. Debra Baller said

    I have 2 prints #’s 208, “Going to the Celebration” and #222 , ” Waitng For A Friend “. Could you tell me about them?

  28. B. Monkman said

    I have a print by Robert Redbird. 22×30 It’s called His Power. I would like to know more about this picture and the cost of it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  29. Veleeta Smith said

    I have a 30″ x 22″ watercolor by Robert Redbird framed at the Lobo Art Company in Scottsdale, Az. with the name Social Dancer written on the back. It is signed Robert Redbird
    Kiowa with feather with the encircled c. @ the end. It shows I believe a man and women in blankets. One blanket gray/red/white the other red/white/red from top to bottom. Is there just a watercolor by this name?

  30. K. Redbird said

    I have an original Robert Redbird painting titled “Rainy Mountain”. It is large, framed in gold leaf with filligree. does anyone have any idea of the value. I can get more specifics if needed.

  31. Ronda Richardson said

    I have a large signed/numbered painting of a couple. He is wearing a white hat with a brown band that has white circles on it and he is wearing a blanket that is brown down his back and white/mottled down his shoulder. His is facing back looking to his left and is wearing a circular earring and has long black/gray hair. The women is to the left of him facing mostly front and looking to her right. She is wearing a dark blue dress with light blue dots that form graphic flowers separated by dots between the flowers. Her hair is very long and black/gray. She has her head tilted up with her chin jutting out. She is wearing a 3 strand necklace. She is draped in a burgundy blanket like the man’s also with a white mottled section. I have not been able to find any information on this painting and would appreciate your help.

  32. Jeanne Jackson said

    I purchased a large Robert Redbird of a brave on a cliff with a large “shadow brave” silhouetted behind him with his arms outstretched, with a large full moon. Does anyone know if there were prints of this? It was sold to me as an original.

  33. Susan said

    I have 2 Robert Redbird tiles. One titled ‘Kiowa Singers’. Other one lost paper that had the title on it…it has 3 Native Americans with a black pot that has 4 feathers in the forground.
    Anyone know the name of the second one and does anyone know if they are worth keeping or selling?

    • nellie said

      I just purchased a Robert Redbird Sr tile ‘Kiowa Singers ” also it’s suppose to be origenal with his signature and feather. can you write back thank you

      • Jeanne Jackson said

        Hi, Nellie: I bought a Redbird Sr. and I was uncerain as to whether it was an original. I took it to a framer (who was also an artist) who took it out of the frame and glass and it was very obvious that it was an original, not a print/silkscreen/litho. I would suggest that you do that if it is behind glass. It is very difficult to determine if it is an original gouache if it behind glass. Hope you have an original. They are getting valuable since Robert Sr. passed.

  34. Peggy said

    I have a collection of paintings by an artist who was mentored by Robert Redbird and was told they were originally acquired in Arizona. The signature is Black Horse and I believe his name is Jackie Dale Tointigh. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with the artist Black Horse?

  35. Jennifer Moller said

    I have 9 original, signed Robert Redbird Sr. and a few of Jr.’s paintings, unframed. Would you be interested or know anyone who is? Or would you be able to suggest a gallery we can sell them to? We received them from a gallery owner in Old Town, Abq., NM., who owed us money.

  36. Linda F said

    I have an original Robert Redbird Sr painting which I bought (framed) from a western art gallery that was going out of business. It was for sale for approx $1700, though I got it for less.

  37. artisvital said

    I bought 3 watercolors from Robert Jr in Los Olivos when he came by my Gallery around 1987 or 1988. Approx. 18 x 27….What are his prices now? What is available?

  38. Patrick McKenzie said

    Just a question about a painting belonging to my parents. It was gift given to my father, and was supposedly made especially for him. It is signed “Robert L RedBird 1966”. The painting is a warrior with a rifle, standing on a stretched leather skin. Could you tell me if this was a work of Robert Sr?

  39. I have a painting done by Robert Redbird with the copyright symbol on it. It shows two Indians side by side and one is holding an umbrella. I am curios about the name and how much it is worth. Thank You, Shelly G.

  40. said

    Hello all I have a Robert Redbird Jr painting and am trying to find out when he was born any ideas.

  41. Mark Nates said

    Hello I have a large Robert Redbird Sr painting of “The Caregivers” dated 1993.It is #594/1000 and is signed “Take care and alot of love,Robert Redbird” with his signature again below that in darker pencil.I bought it from a friend in 1996 and had it professionally matted and framed with good glass and nice cherry frame.I am curious to know what it’s worth.Any help would be appreciated,thanks,Mark.

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