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Peter Darro (1917)

Posted by M.R.N. on November 23, 2011

Pin-Up In A Negligée

Indian Pin-up

Pin-Up With Ducks

The Owl Is Getting An Eyeful

Burning Hotdogs

The Charmer


Pony Express

Solomon’s Judgement

The Good Samaritan

Jacob Wrestling The Angel

The Rich Young Ruler

Rolling Away The Stone

The Risen Christ

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Christian Schussele (1824 – 1879)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 18, 2011

Men Of Progress

Washington Irving And His Literary Friends At Sunnyside

King Solomon And The Iron Worker

Ahasuerus Feast


Clearing The Track

The Power Of The Gospel (David Zeisberger Among Native Americans)

Hetty Reading The Scriptures To The Indians

The Young Recruits – Mock Army

Benjamin Franklin Appearing Before The Privy Council

Game Of Marbles

Hubert And Arthur

General George B. McClellan

Nicholas Biddle


Ocean Life

The Occupation Of The Capital Of Mexico By The American Army

Adjutant General’s Department Engineers, Engineer Soldiers

Prometheus Bound

How We Won The Battle

Mrs. John Adams (Abigail Smith)

Washington And His Family

The Attack On Fredericksburg

Life In The Brig (from Arctic Explorations)

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