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George Hughes (1907 – 1990)

Posted by American Gallery on April 16, 2012

Out Of Gas

Missed Exit

Separation Anxiety

Fork In The Road

title unknown

Boyfriend's Baby Pictures

Flat And Chat

Little Brother Listens In

Hitting The Buffet

Sunday Visitors

Fugitive Heart

Ticket For Roadster

Readying For First Date

Bridge Party

No Chance To Be Alone

Christmas In Hiding

The Critics Look On - Young Couple Goes Out On A Date, Family Looking On

Piano Practice

Public Aquarium

Sunday Visitors

Trimming The Tree

Bike Riding Lessons

Gas Money

De Soto Company Auto

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George Brehm (1878 – 1966)

Posted by American Gallery on April 7, 2012

Boy And Girl With The American Flag

Woman's Home Companion cover

Boy Trudging On The Way To School

Two Boys Bringing Ice Cream To A Girl

Marge Loves David

School Children, First Love

Woman's Home Companion cover

This Week Magazine cover

Two Boys Playing Baseball

Shallow Dive

The Delineator cover

Woman Playing Tennis

Peerless Motor Car

Sliding Into Base

Uncle Sam Rides First

In Good Hands

In The Laboratory

Having A Laugh

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Amos Sewell (1901 – 1983)

Posted by American Gallery on March 8, 2012

Formal Hug - Little Boy With Dirty Hands

Who Will He Ask?

Banana Split

Parent-Teacher Conference

American Tourists in Venice

Baseball In The Hospital

Out of Ice Cream

This Car Needs Washing

School Orchestra

Former Figure

Parents' Reveille

High School Commencement Address

Shy Lovers

Eavesdropping on Love

Christmas Photograph

Kids Playing Cowboy

Scuba In The Tub

Dance Cotillion

Go Two Miles, Turn Left...

Surveying the Cow Pasture

Blown Fuse

Cool Record

Let Freedom Ring

Christmas Sermon

Among The Eskimo

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Alan Stephens Foster (1892 – 1969)

Posted by American Gallery on January 23, 2012

Safe On Base

Second Thought

Man Playing Accordion

Rough Housing

The Other Half

High In Energy

Huckleberry Finn

String Quartet

Hockey Waits - Tying Skates

I Was Tardy

Dad, Where's The Cash?

Bozo, The Talking Dog

Traffic Cop

Dad At Bat

Football Huddle


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J. F. Kernan (1878 – 1958)

Posted by American Gallery on October 9, 2011


Flirting With Fate

It’s A Bargain

title unknown

title unknown

‘Twixt Love And Duty

Game Today

He Won’t Win

Her Man Won!

Singing The Old Oaken Bucket

Fly Fisherman

Oh Boy! What A Strike

Lovers Engagement

Saturday Evening Post cover

Old Vet Bandaging A Dog’s Leg

Scotsman With Plaid Scarf

The Clown

Model Ship Builder

Sweet Cider

The Rivals

Falstaff Beer

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Dick Sargent (1911 – 1978)

Posted by American Gallery on September 28, 2011

Mom, I Cleaned My Room

Cub Scouts In Phone Booth

First Valentine

No Quiet For Daddyo

Crashing Mom’s Card Party

Dr. And The Dog

Frog In The Library

Late Commuter

Parisian Artist & Tourist

Father And Son Approach The Breakfast Table

Hunting His Tux For The Party

Picking Poindexter

Singing Praise

All Wrapped Up In Christmas

Cold Water Swimmer

The Fat Lady Sings

Watering Father

Truth About Santa

Violin Practice

Injection Time At The Pediatrician’s Office

Sticking Out His Tongue

Child Psychology

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John Newton Howitt (1885 – 1958)

Posted by American Gallery on August 29, 2011

I’m Proud…My Husband Wants Me To Do My Part

The Strongman

Fishing Time

Picking Flowers

No Parking

A Walk In the Woods

title unknown

Family Welcoming Newborn Home

It’s Got To Be Old Wally

Family On The Farm

Hillside Landscape

Relaxing Under A Tree

Nude On The Sofa

Going Hunting

Jell – O

Ice Skaters

The Swimming Hole

Girl In Autumn

Woman With A Guitar

The Country Gentleman cover


Man Lightning Pipe

Woman With A Bouquet

Far West Romances (cover)

title unknown

title unknown

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