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John Neagle (1796 – 1865)

Posted by M.R.N. on February 8, 2012

Pat Lyon At The Forge

Henry Clay

Anna Gibbon Johnson (later Mrs. Ferdinand Wakeman Hubbell)

Captain Wilmon Whilldin

Gilbert Stuart

Davy Crockett

Colonel Augustus James Pleasonton

Mrs. Richard West


The Reverend Gregory Townsend Bedell

Mrs. Huizinger Messehert

The Studious Artist - Portrait Of Thomas Birch

Mrs. O'Leary - Portrait Of Opera Singer

Martin Luther Hurlbut

William Mackenzie

John Kintzing Kane

Edwin Forrest As Rolla

Thomas W. Dyott

Portrait Of A Lady

The Reverend John Albert Ryan

Matilda Washington Dawson

William Strickland

Self Portrait

View Of Peters' Island On The Schuylkill

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Bass Otis (1784 – 1861)

Posted by M.R.N. on October 19, 2010

George Washington

Washington And Family At Mt. Vernon

Self Portrait Of The Artist And His Family

John C. Fremont

Thomas Paine

William Henry Harrison

John Adams

Dolley Madison

Daniel Webster

John Wesley Jarvis

Adrianna Haynes Physick

William Matthews Boyce

Seated Woman In Lace Cap

Thomas Truxton

Madame Adele Sigoigne

Brandywine Flour Mills

Thomas Jefferson

John Neagle

Virginia A. And George Simmons

title unknown

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