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Damian Loeb (1970)

Posted by American Gallery on May 15, 2012




Fish Sticks

Better Ways

Being There

Service Station


The Lady Vanishes

Love Story

Flesh + Blood

Say Hello To The Angels


The Sound Of Music

Welcome To Paradise


Love Story



Carnal Knowledge

She's Lost Control Again

She’s Lost Control Again

Rear Window

Rear Window


Jersey Shell

Parataxic Distortion


© Damian Loeb

official website

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Charles F. Lanman (1819 – 1895)

Posted by American Gallery on May 14, 2012

Indians In A Panoramic Western Landscape

Haystacks, New England

Panoramic Landscape With Native Americans

Campfire On The Ledge

Long Island Farm

Cabin In The Wilderness, Lake George

An Indian Encampment

River Landscape

Native Americans On The Ledge

Fisherman On Rocks By Stream


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Abram Poole (1882 – 1961)

Posted by American Gallery on May 14, 2012

Spanish Sisters

Miss Dominica

Mrs. Howard Linn

Mercedes de Acosta

Valentina Sanina (Mrs. George Schlee)

Italian Architecture

Neo-Classical Landscape

Autumn Landscape


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Eric Fischl (1948)

Posted by American Gallery on May 13, 2012

Bad Boy

Simon And Anh

The Gang

Beach Scene With Pink Hat


Bathroom, Scene I

Bathroom Scene II

Bathroom, Scene IV

The Bed, The Chair, Play

Birthday Boy

Master Bedroom

Lapping Sounds Along The Shore

The Exchange


The Beginning And The End

McEnroe Family

The Empress Of Sorrow



New House

Steve And Anne In L.A. (Steve Martin and Anne Stringfield)

Dog Days (diptych)

Portrait Of An Artist As A Woman


 Sisters Of Cythera

Sisters Of Cythera

title unknown

title unknown

The Day The Shah Ran By

The Day The Shah Ran By

 Girl With Doll

Girl With Doll

First Sex

First Sex

© Eric Fischl

official website



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Robert Vickrey (1926 – 2001)

Posted by American Gallery on May 12, 2012


Butterfly Net

Alexandra’s Sparkler

The Locomotive

Haloes and Balloons

Bird Sounds



Long, Long Shadows

The Attic Room

Lacy’s Sparkler

Tyger! Tyger!

Sea Wind




Marge – Reflections

The Poet

Street Surfer

title unknown

Homage To Chardin

title unknown

The Future Of Man



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Charles Russell (1864 – 1925)

Posted by American Gallery on May 11, 2012

When The Plains Were His

Return Of The Warriors

In The Wake Of The Buffalo Hunters

When The Land Belonged To God

Running Buffalo

Planning the Attack

Invocation To The Sun

Carson’s Men – Appraisal Values

On the Warpath

When Blackfeet And Sioux Meet

Indian Women Moving

Bringing Home the Spoils

Indian Attack

We Are Friends – Lost In A Snowstorm

Joshing Moon

When Law Dulls The Edge Of Chance

Horse Of The Hunter – Fresh Meat

The Salute of the Robe Trade

Meat’s Not Meat Till It’s In The Pan

Camp Cook’s Troubles

When Shadows Hint Death

Cowboy Bargaining For An Indian Girl

Waiting And Mad

Buffalo Coat


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Chrystal Chan (1984)

Posted by American Gallery on May 10, 2012

Fated Innocent

From Beginning To End

Promise Beyond The Familiar

Sound Of Light

A Parliament Of Owls

Destiny’s Song



White Shoes

Where My Mind Is My Heart Is Also

Do Not Lose Heart


Soul And Spirit

Your Words Bring Life

The Mortal And Immortal

Can’t Do It Alone

To Love, To Live


Mapped In The Stars

To See



I Will Take You Beyond The Familiar

© Chrystal Chan

official website



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