Greatest American Painters

Charles Levier (1920 – 2004)

Posted by American Gallery on December 9, 2012

At The Window


Girl In Blue

title unknown


Miss Liberty

Young Corsican Girls


Girl At Docks – Woman With Sailboats

title unknown

The Road


The Sea

Backstage Of The Theatre

title unknown

Nude With Mantle


title unknown

Portrait Of A Girl


title unknown

The Weekend

title unknown

title unknown

Four Figures On A Street

Nude By The Sea

Woman With Bouquet

In The Forest

Naked In A Room

Miss New York City

2 Responses to “Charles Levier (1920 – 2004)”

  1. Bruce said

    With just a couple of exceptions, the same downcast look in every pair of eyes. Gazing slightly to one side, slightly downward.

    • Greg said

      Levier painted a common theme…French “women of the evening” or prostitutes. In them, he saw sadness, tragedy, and dignity all at the same time. The women are often standing on street corners, usually well-adorned with hats, and frequently with a bouquet in hand. The downcast look that you’re referring to is thought by some to be coquettish; others interpret it as representative of a person who feels empty toiling in a ‘profession’ that is impersonal. Still others see the look as an admission of worthlessness, apathy or shame. With that said, I do not believe that Levier would portray his subjects as shameful. Many of his subjects were friends and as such, he was sympathetic toward their plight…and he painted them with an eye toward beauty and grace.

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