Greatest American Painters

Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839 – 1924)

Posted by American Gallery on December 3, 2012

Beneath The Apple Tree

La Petite Jardinière

Hailing The Ferry

Maria And Madeleine On The Terrace

On The Terrace At Rolleboise

Women Washing Clothes By A Stream

Apple Blossoms In Normandy

By The Riverside

Julia Among The Roses

Maria On The Terrace

The Pet Dove

Gathering Lilacs

In The Garden

Maria On The Terrace, Rolleboise

Martha, A Days Sport

Dolce Far Niente

Peasant Girls In Flower Garden

The Conversation

Coming Home From Market

The Flower Girl

A July Morning

The Laundress

The Village Seamstress

Gathering Apple Blossoms

Country Women Fishing On A Summer Afternoon

A Conversation

The Honeymoon Breakfast

Resting Harvesters

Seated Girl With Flowers


to be continued…

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One Response to “Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839 – 1924)”

  1. Every painting,apart from all else is an attempt at answering the indelible question-what is painting for?Sometimes it illustrates some historical pivot,sometimes it is an alluring embodiment of desire and at other times it provides harmonious companion to a couch below.D.R. Knight understood role of painting as a visit to lush countryside,an experience he had no doubt we would all welcome with pleasure.And he was right.

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