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A (hopefully short) break

Posted by American Gallery on November 18, 2012

As per the request of the artist, the paintings by Heide Press published on November 14 were removed from this blog.

In these five years over 1.600 American artists and nearly 20.000 paintings have been posted here. All the painters who have an official site and whose work is under copyright are correctly linked on the right sidebar of the blog. But this is the first time I receive this kind of request. Which of course I do respect.

I take this opportunity to say that American Gallery is a non-profit blog, exclusively made for the passion of art and its sole purpose is to highlight and promote the great paintings produced by the American artists over the centuries.  My intention is to create a sort of permanent archive of American art, always accessible to anyone: art lovers, art students, young artists…
Behind the 20.000 paintings posted here there’s only my passion. And a lot of my time.

That being said, I would like to invite all those who appreciate the work of Heide Press to visit her official site.

As for me, I think I’ll take a little break.

45 Responses to “A (hopefully short) break”

  1. Bobcat9 said

    I really enjoy the email publications of art. I truly believe this offers all artist you feature exposure that they would have to pay for otherwise and are missing out on a great opportunity if they decline to participate..

    Keep up the good work and enjoy a well deserved break.


  2. Don Hyde said

    No doubt a Mormon and her work speaks for
    itself. Doesn’t want her fine”art” to be seen
    with all the other degenerate work shown
    Don’t let it get you down and hope you are up for showing us more work after your break. XX D. H.

    • Suzay Lamb said

      Personally I’m not interested in knowing the religion followed by an artist. When I’m looking at a painting (or reading a book…) I do not care whether I’m dealing with a Mormon, a Sufi, an animist, an alien, a drunkard or even a criminal.

  3. Bruce said

    Hang in there, Suzay. What you do here is very much appreciated by at least one reader and likely many more.

  4. hi,
    i’m so sorry about your posts break. i love them and i always show them to my friends. i hope they come back as soon as possible!
    from brazil,

    paulo de carvalho

  5. I truly appreciate your posts, Suzay. I’ve learned a lot, and found a lot more to love – work I would never have seen if it wasn’t for your diligence and committment. Please don’t let one negative experience among 1600 posts dissuade you from the good work you do. Hugs & thanks!

  6. Pauline said

    I really appreciate your work here at AG and I share art from this wonderful site on a regular basis. I had actually saved one of Ms. Press’ paintings for use at my own blog linking back here as always. Needless to say, I’ve deleted the painting as it is clear that the artist doesn’t understand that people seeing her work only benefits her. How sad. Keep up the good work, Suzay. A lot of us enjoy your efforts, probably more than you know.

  7. Bruce said

    In fairness, it says on her web site (in rather small type): “YOU MAY NOT COPY OR SAVE ANY IMAGE ON THIS WEBSITE WITHOUT PERMISSION.” However, as Pauline says, I fail to understand how inclusion of small, low-resolution images of her artwork in a blog like American Gallery can hurt sales. You would think that this would only promote interest in her work, rather than detract from her profits.

    Frankly, from what I see on the Heide Press web site and from Image Googling her (HORRORS! Did all those sites obtain her permission?!?), we’re not missing much. Her work is OK but nothing extraordinary that I would keep for my own collection. And my taste in art is impeccable. Impeccable, I say!

    So, Ms. Press, you may serve me your subpoena at your earliest convenience. I will show you a collection of art that will put your sappy stuff to shame and not one item will be anything that you created.

  8. john444 said

    Hmm…I can’t help but concur with Bruce’s comments. I’ve saved a good many artists pages shown by Suzi. Heidi’s was not one of those.

    I eagerly scrutinize her each new inclusion–some with keen interest and send some of the posts to friends; others go swiftly into the trash. I believe Suzay has taken one or two of my suggestions to heart and included those artists on her site. Allow me to recommend Elizabeth Wentworth Roberts–little known but very good and highly valued by those few who are fortunate to own one of her pictures.

    I hope Suzay’s break is over by the end of the Thanksgiving holiday.

  9. Suzay…I am saddened to see that you have chosen to twist my words. Because I, and many other artists, have had problems with our work being sold by others online, it is necessary to try and control how our work is presented. I did not ask you to remove me from your website, and in fact, told you that I appreciated that you liked it enough to include it. What I asked you to do was to use only one image with a clear copyright watermark, and sent you an image file to use. I also asked you to post my website alongside the image. What is so offensive about that?

    Please do not act like I demanded to be removed from your site. I appreciate what you are doing and the work that it takes. But, you must be responsible and ask artists’ permission first, and clearly post their copyrights on each image. When folks ask my permission, I allow them to post my images with copyright notice. I don’t expect you to understand, but I have had to put a stop to several online companies selling copies of my work.

    I wish you well and am sorry that you were offended, but I’m disappointed by your misrepresentation of my request…which was done very nicely and respectfully.

    H Presse

    …and, btw, Mr. Hyde, no, I am not a Mormon and I have no issues with this site.

    • Suzay Lamb said

      I’m not offended. I respect everyone’s point of view. I’m just sorry that I can’t display your paintings, along with those of many American masters of yesterday and today, especially because I personally appreciate them. I know that you didn’t explicitly ask me to remove your paintings from my blog but, from my point of view, asking me to post ONLY ONE image means giving up the publication. For each painter represented on American Gallery (from early American artists to the living artists whose work is copyrighted) I’ve always published a wide selection, wide enough to illustrate the style, the quality, the artistic career.
      Your primary concern is to protect your interests and your financial return, and that’s right. While, as a mere art observer, I’m not at all interested in the economic aspect, but only in the emotional and cultural aspect. Your fear is that someone could steal the images of your paintings from my blog, making money with them. I honestly do not know what they can do with these low-resolution images that are posted here, but probably there are things that I do not know, so my observation is not meant to be controversial. I’m only sorry that, in five years, no living artist has written me asking me to post a single painting or other limitations.
      But, as I said before, I respect each one’s decision. There is no problem on my part. I reconfirm my appreciation for your work and I wish you the best.

  10. Waiting for the restart, of course, and about the “Heidi affair”, well, “don’t let it bring you down”

  11. Qurídisima señorita:
    No permita, que nada se interponga entre nuestros gustos y pasiones celestiales por el divino mundo del arte.
    Adelante y un enorme abrazo desde España.

  12. Henry Newbury said

    Don`t let it get you depressed, i throughly enjoy at all the works of art and appreciate this site. Iam an artist myself and love looking at all the works of art.
    Best Wishes and regards to you all
    Henry (in CAERPHILLY, South Wales UK)

  13. I too, hope you enjoy your break, (and great congratulations to you!). I love your site, and appreciate all the work it takes to put it together. It is one of the wonderful highlights of my day. Thank you!
    Mary Ellen
    Minneapolis, MN, USA

  14. krysiekk said

    First off, I want to say “Thank you” for doing what you do.

    Secondly, I will not give Heide Press another thought. Completely silly to not want the promotion or the awareness. I use this site for education and as a tool for my American Art obsession.

  15. Star said

    I have to say the latest update was a disappointment and I do not refer to your desire to take a break; clearly you are welcome to one after putting so much effort into this fantastic blog.

    The disappointment is more about the fact that for the first time, you got a request to take an artist’s work down.

    I do not say this spitefully in the least, but in the end, it will be Heide Press’ loss, because you supply a particular venue for people to get to know Heide Press’ artwork, as well as so many others.

    Frankly, I can’t comprehend why any artist/ artisan would not want to promote their art in anyway they can; but to each his own……..

    I joined your blog to appreciate the artists of the distant past( many of whom I now realize I did not know much of), as well as the current and new artists.

    Truly, if it were not for your email posts of artists, I would not have had the pleasure of getting familiar with many artists, from so many eras!

    So, those who never heard of Heide Press ?

    They just lost an avenue to discover this artist’s work, at American Gallery. What a shame.

    I understand you did remove their works and respect the fact that YOU were respectful in following their wishes; but PLEASE do not let this get you down.

    I look forward to your email posts- they are a visual treat!

    Very often, I follow up on an artist you select for a blog post, that intrigues me. I look them up online for further information and that includes trying to acquire prints of their work.

    So American Gallery is not just educational- it was helping many artists achieve reaching a certain demographic of viewers that found their art work, thanks to your blog.


    I cannot tell you how many modern day artist I have come to admire, that without AMERICAN GALLERY’S existence, I might not ever have known about.

    Being busy, I don’t have the leisure time I once did to * artist hunt*. But getting your blog posts in my email box made it easy to stay in the loop! 🙂

    Since you work hard on this blog- do take a well deserved respite.

    Your subscribers don’t want to lose you or your blog, so I truly hope this break is just that: some time well spent on R & R !

    All the best to you, enjoy the rest and relaxation & Happy Holidays!


  16. Star said

    PS- Just caught the pregnancy comment. Congrats on being a Mom again. Hope all goes swimmingly for you and that you are back on your feet and mobile soon.

    But do enjoy your time welcoming a new bundle of joy into the world.

    Yes- I have to say a blog should take a back seat to that! 🙂 Star

  17. Hi Suzay,

    Congratulations with becoming a Mom again! I enjoy reading your blog so much along with the other people and selfishly wonder if we can avoid any interruption in this process.

    I work for American Art Gallery ( , a non-profit educational website and we do something very similar to what you have here.


  18. vincenzo said

    Hello Susy! I am writing these few lines just to thank you for the enormous work you’ve done so far, to the promotion of knowledge of American painting from its origins to the present day. A wonderful job, which is useful not only for lovers of American art, but also to those like me, who live in another parts of the world. I think a short break will do good to you.
    You should be happy and proud of the results obtained with such commitment and passion. The visual archive of American Gallery with its 20,000 reproductions of works of art, it is already quite substantial and, I believe, it will always remain free and open to consultation. So, for my part, I say thank you very much, and come back soon!

  19. Suzy Smith said

    Recently I found that people were coming to my website and blog because of American Gallery. So I clicked on the link and was very pleasantly surprised to find my work listed! I posted the link on my blog and Facebook, and thought it was great! I even had artists ask me how they could get on it.

    You have done a lot of work, and have spent a lot of time, making this incredible blog, so I hope you will continue it.

    Thank you very much,

    Best Regards,

    Suzy Smith

    • Star said

      That was a really fantastic compliment you gave Suzay , Ms Smith!

      It is not even my blog/site and I have a big smile on my face.

      On behalf of all the art lovers here- I have to say thanks for seeing the positive side to being included in Suzay’s American Gallery.

      And now, those who have not seen your work, will automatically go and look at it, pronto! I see American Gallery as a win-win deal for all. 🙂

  20. anita fico said


  21. Hi Suzay,
    Glad I found this site – it’s a good collection and I agree its important to keep stuff searchable and free if possible. As an artist I get a lot of inspiration and sometimes even find answers to difficult problems by looking at other peoples stuff. Thanks for your efforts.

  22. Massimo said

    please, don’t stop posting!
    Break the break 😉
    Massimo (from Italy)

  23. gianfranco7 said

    I am disappointed at this decision but respect the artist’s wishes. This is an absolutely wonderful blog. There are many many artists I would not have heard of because the gallery/agent system does a poor job of showcasing art on a world scale.

    Thankyou very very much.

  24. Star said

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating this Holiday today.

    Suzay hope you will be back soon, but honestly?

    Put yourself and your health first.
    Your faithful followers will be here.

    And really, there should be no regrets for anything you did.

    I noticed on a Google Image search, that an awful lot of people are utilizing that particular artist’s images.

    The difference is: are they crediting her work and linking back to her site?

    A world of difference between lifting for malevolent reasons and showing off someone’s art work( thus promoting it) and linking back to the artist.

    I know if I was an artist- I would be proud to be featured on your AMERICAN GALLERY!

    There are various ways to protect one’s art images online, but not all are fool proof.{ I just learned about SHRINKWRAPPING images as a way to protect images because I am into photography and wanted to keep this technique in mind should I post an online portfolio.}

    Best to all on this day of Thanks- even if your country is not celebrating this holiday. I am sure if we all look deep enough- we have things to be very thankful for…. 🙂

  25. hepresse said

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving today.

    And, I would also like to address some of the comments on this post. There has been a misunderstanding due to the wording of the initial comment. I don’t want to throw any blame around, that’s not my intent here. But I do feel the need to let all of you know that I most certainly do not, and did not, object to my art being shown on this website. I NEVER demanded that it be taken off. It is hurtful to me that you would continue to think so. In my original message, which was done privately, I only asked that a copyright notice be displayed on each image, which she did not do. I then sent her an image with a watermark to use and requested that be used instead. If she wanted to continue to use so many images, she should have asked me about it because I would have sent her more images with watermarks, but instead she took the work off and made this comment.

    It is very important to me to set the record straight because I feel that this has gone far enough.
    I only wish you all well, but I would like to ask that whenever you post, or share, another’s work… art, photography or writing…please make sure that you also share their copyright notice. I do understand that nothing is foolproof, but I feel that it is still important. It is also a courtesy to ask an artist or writer for permission to use their work. Most will readily agree.


    • Star said

      Holiday Greetings to you, Ms. Presse,

      Well, as they say- there is no such thing as bad publicity, and I say that in a jovial manner.

      I am sure many people- just from this discussion alone- went to see what your art looked like;whether they went to your website or did a internet search of images with your name.

      In any case, I do not deny that one should be respectful of artists’ rights or the idea of what a copyright is.

      The minute any form of art or intellectual property is created- is has a innate copyright born from it.

      But many artists and writers in the USA, actually go through the trouble and expense of registering their work with a copyright, which lends even more validity ( as well as proof) of the copyright to the piece(s) of work.

      I think your most recent letter sets it straight what your feelings are about your work being displayed on this blog, which frankly has become far more than a blog, in my opinion. I see this as a major art resource created by a very dedicated individual.

      I have referred people here to both learn about artists they never heard of and enjoy the works displayed within.

      As for your comment about your work being displayed with a watermark?

      A watermark certainly helps to a degree against theft – but in some cases it ruins the integrity of the art work when viewed.

      Depending on how the watermark is created- it can even be eradicated from the image, if someone is really hellbent on doing so.

      Most decent graphics programs can *erase* the watermark.

      If images are kept to a certain size- it does not pay to lift and/or remove a watermark;so there are various strategies to consider when publicly displaying creative works online.

      For the artists of various mediums, it is a catch 22 on how one can safely display their art without someone * lifting the image* off a site.

      We know you made your wishes clear here, on how you want your art displayed- but I don’t envy you the task of trying to track down every single person that is using your work against your wishes or at least not in the proper manner.

      I am sure you know there are” paid services” available that track down when your image is being used illicitly anywhere on the internet- the only problem is that for each image found, should you choose to take legal action- they want a piece of the pie if you get any $$$$.

      Only the artist themselves can measure if legal action is warranted/ worth pursuing.

      The internet can be a blessing or a curse to any one with a creative bent looking to promote their work.

      Thanks for clarifying your position again

      Most of us here feel that Suzay meant no harm by including you with the rest of the artists on American Gallery.

      I think you realize that also, and just took the time to write here today and reiterate your stance-which is clearly understood.

      Have a great Holiday Weekend.

  26. louisgrand Brigitte said

    MERCI et 😦 😦 😦

  27. Bruce said

    I miss my American Gallery moments. 😦

  28. Barry Lenson said

    Please enjoy your break and recharge. And thank you for including works by my father Michael Lenson on your site! best regards, Barry Lenson

  29. benning said

    Enjoying the site! Artists of old I never heard of, artists I love, much to see. Thanks for the site! 😀

  30. Steve said

    hi suzay

    I just read the page message you left about having to pull off your site art for heide press.

    I can assure you the reason is much of the necrophilious art you post.

    It is very clear, especially now, in a world racked with PTSD, that many artist have a death wish in their work.

    it has not a thing to do with freedom of speech to dump such trash.

    its just good taste and a real understanding of the artist

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