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Alice Kerr-Nelson Hirschberg (1856 – 1913)

Posted by American Gallery on November 11, 2012


Woman And Child Pouring Milk

George Laurence Nelson (Artist’s Son)

George Laurence Nelson

Carl Nelson Hirschberg

Children On The Sea Shore

East Gloucester

title unknown

Portrait Of A Woman

Young Girl

Little Girl’s Hat

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  1. Please note: This artist’s name was Alice Kerr-Nelson Hirschberg, and she died in 1913, not 1930. But thank you for posting these images of her lovely work. The Kent Historical Society, in Kent, CT, owns Seven Hearths, the house that Alice’s son Laurence Nelson and husband Carl Hirschberg purchased in 1919, six years after her death. We have many works by all three of them in our collection.

    • Suzay Lamb said

      Almost all the sites indicate 1930 as date of death, so thank you very much for your dutiful specification. I corrected my mistake.

      • I know. It’s frustrating. One person makes the error, and then others copy it without bothering to check. I’ve been guilty of the same mistake on I haven’t found Alice’s death certificate yet, but know that her son Laurence returned from studying in Paris in 1913 because she was dying. Thank you, Suzay, for believing me rather than all the others on the various sites. We’re having an exhibition of the works of the three of them, opening on Saturday. Extraordinary family.

  2. Hi Suzay, While looking for some other information about the Hirschberg/Nelson family, I found myself back at your wonderful site. I see a bit of confusion in titles and correct artist in the works on this page and that of her son, George Laurence Nelson. The painting of the little boy above, with the black blouse and white ruffle, is actually Laurence’s older brother, whose birth name was Carl Nelson Hirschberg. He later changed it to Carl Nelson Nelson, and was lost at sea in the great hurricane of 1915. And on George Laurence Nelson’s page, I see a couple of works that were actually done by his father, Carl Hisrchberg. I can point them out to you if you want, but I don’t want to be a pest. Marge

    • Suzay Lamb said

      Marge, I would be grateful if you could point out my mistakes. I will correct them as soon as possible. Thanks.

      • The two paintings on your GLNelson page that were done by his father Carl Hirschberg are “Milkman” and “Arbor Day.” Also, I just found out today what the title of the GLN painting that you have as “Title Unknown” is (showing a woman and girl with flowers). It’s down at our museum, and I will get it to you tomorrow if i can.

  3. Gerda Weingartner said

    Hello, I have a 2 oil paintings one painted by Alice Hirschberg with the initials AH and looks like her son George Laurence Nelson as a Baby. The other one looks like a portray of Alice painted by her Husband? Don’t know about this one because it was cut down into a oval painting before I bought it and therefore the signature cut off. I had these lovely paintings for many years and still wondering about them. It would be wonderful if I could find out more. I can send pictures.
    Regards Gerda

  4. Barbara Chalmers said

    I found Alice’s death record, she died on 19 June 1913 in Manhattan. Thank you for posting these wonder images of her work. She and her husband Carl played an important part in the artistic life of C.Y. Turner, whom I am researching.

    • Hi Barbara – That’s great news! I have been searching for her death certificate, and burial record, both to no avail. I’d love to see a copy of what you have, and to continue the conversation about C.Y. Turner. You’ve really piqued my interest. I don’t often get the time to dig into the family records, so tips like this are so helpful. I’d be happy to share whatever I do know about her and Carl. Please contact me at Marge

  5. Hi Gerda, I would love to see photos of the paintings, and am sure we can help you. Please send them to
    Thanks, Marge Smith

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