Greatest American Painters

Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839 – 1924)

Posted by M.R.N. on October 31, 2012

Girl Picking Poppies

Spring Blossoms

Normandy Maid


Returning Home


Partant pour le travail

The Signal

A Moment Of Rest

Summer Evening

Waiting For The Ferryman

Sur la terrasse (Maria And Madeleine)


En Vendanges


Gathering Flowers

Julia Gathering Roses

The Fisherman’s Daughter

Maria On The Terrace With A Bundle Of Grass

Brittany Girl Fishing

A Field Of Flowers

Gathering Wheat

Watering The Garden

Coming From The Garden

An Autumn Evening

The Oyster Gatherer

A Pensive Moment

Maria And Madeleine Fishing

The Harvesters Resting

Wash Day

to be continued…


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  1. Marina said

    Love his work. And you have posted many artworks from him that are new to me. Many thanks!

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