Greatest American Painters

Joseph Goodhue Chandler (1813 – 1884)

Posted by M.R.N. on October 26, 2012

A Young Boy With His Dog

Mary Elizabeth Bennet

Frederick Eugene Bennet

Daniel Webster

Girl With Kitten

Portrait Of A Man

Melinda Prouty Lamson And Son, Nathaniel Lamson

Nathaniel Lamson

Charles H. Sisson

Abijah S. Clarke

Mrs. Annis S. Griffen

Miss Annis Griffen

Two Brothers

James Swan

Drummer Boy

Horace Underwood

A Girl And Boy Standing In A Rose Garden

Little Boy With Walking Stick And A Little Girl With A Basket Of Flowers

Portrait Of A Man

Josoelyn Brothers, Charles And George

Whiting And Joseph Griswold

Dr. Joseph Goodhue (Artist’s Grandfather)

A Young Girl


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  1. Bruce said

    It never fails to interest me how artists in previous centuries did not know how to portray children realistically. I have forgotten the explanatory theories on this topic.

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