Greatest American Painters

Leon Kroll (1884 – 1974)

Posted by American Gallery on October 21, 2012

Summer – New York

The Young Guitarist

Girls At The Exhibition


Morning On The Cape


Girl On A Blue Chair

A Precious Flower

Girl In A Hammock

Four Girls Combing Their Hair

In The Country

Nude Dorothy

The Red Jacket

In The Hills


Seated Nude In A Landscape

Iona Robinson and Self-Portrait

Portrait Of Mrs. Kroll In Yellow

Tess Kroll Pergament, The Artist’s Sister

Spring Romance

Three Women

Sleeping Nude


Blanche Reading

The Morning Paper

The Red Tam

Viette In The Yellow Chair


Afternoon Repast

My Model

Sleeping Nude


One Response to “Leon Kroll (1884 – 1974)”

  1. I was unaware of the work of Leon Kroll -what a splendid art it is! There is a distant touch of post-impressionistic simplification of forms,but just so -without abandoning observation,study or personalizing the models.Something engaging,authentic,human-not your typical modern arbitrary arrogance of refusing to respect reality.

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