Greatest American Painters

Greg Dubuque

Posted by M.R.N. on October 18, 2012


John Wayne

James Stewart

Steve Buscemi

Rachel Weisz

Malcolm McDowell

Toward The Wind

Vincent Price

David Lynch

Elizabeth Taylor


Abbott & Costello


Clint Eastwood

Nathan Lane

Megan Fox

Boris Karloff

Sheer Vanity

Hugh Laurie

Bing Crosby

Masuimi Max

Michael J. Fox

Velvet Rose

Velvet Rose

Whispering Fields


Sand Castle

Mantel Clock, Books And Candle

Audrey Hepburn

 © Greg Dubuque

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One Response to “Greg Dubuque”

  1. Bruce said

    Really striking portraiture. After a visit to his web site, I am relieved to see that the scarab symbol is not actually part of the paintings, although it is a really neat trademark.

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