Greatest American Painters

Jean Joseph Vaudechamp (1790 – 1866)

Posted by M.R.N. on October 17, 2012

Portrait Of Two Children

Antoine Jacques Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville from the Orleans Lancers Of The Louisiana Militia

A Daughter Of Samuel Hermann

Marie Emeranthe Becnel Brou (Madame Samuel Hermann)

Brigadier General Jean Baptiste Plauché

Mrs. Antoine-Julien Meffre-Rouzan

Wiliam Charles Cole Claiborne II

Edmond Jean Forstall And Desirée Forstall

Étienne Mazureau, Louisiana Attorney

Mrs. Samuel Bell

Woman With A Fur Boa

Charles Victor Foulon, Notary

Portrait Of A Young Woman

Joseph Sauvinet

Portrait Of A Creole Woman

Baroness Louise Deconchy Receiving Word Of Her Husband’s Death In Battle

Fanny-Augusta Hunt

Louis Barillier

Young Woman With Fur Collar

Lucien Hermann

Portrait Of A Man

Woman In A White Dress

Madame Morales de Marigny

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  1. stevehhmd said

    Your portrait of “Louis Barillier” was actually entitled “portrait of a Barillier ancestor”. As Louis Barillier was about 2 years old at the time that the painting was done in Paris, I suspect it was of father, whose name we do not know. Louis Barillier was my great great grandfather. I had hoped to acquire the painting when it was auctioned in New Orleans some years ago, but it went to high for my budget. Do you know the current wherabouts of the painting?

    Steve Hennigan, MD
    Fayetteville AR

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