Greatest American Painters

Francis Luis Mora (1874 – 1940)

Posted by M.R.N. on October 12, 2012

The Black Mantilla – A Beauty With A Black Mantilla

Flowers In The Field

Spanish Color Fantasy

Las Menolas

Shadows In The Orchard

Out Of Town Trolley

Morning News

Evening News – Subway Riders

Embroidered Patterns

Seated Woman With A White Wrap And Red Ribbon


Color Harmony


title unknown

American Gladiators

Lace Mantilla

The Card Players

Rosemary Mora, The Artist’s Daughter, When A Teenager

Juan And Juanita

Ranchos de Taos

The Artist’s Wife And Sister Arranging Flowers And Ribbons – Sophia And Lola At Leisure

Mrs. Mora And Her Sister (Sophia Brown Compton and Lola Compton)

Woman With Shawls

Silk Spanish Shawls

The Lady In Red

Jeanne Cartier in Cole Porter’s “See America First”

Andrew Carnegie


Anton Rubinstein Plays For The Czar Nicholas I

King Saul And David


Robert Louis Stevenson And Mark Twain On A Bench In Washington Square


One Response to “Francis Luis Mora (1874 – 1940)”

  1. Bruce said

    Robert Louis Stevenson and Mark Twain did indeed know each other.

    From “Robert Louis Stevenson and I, sitting in Union Square and Washington Square a great many years ago, tried to find a name for, the submerged fame, that fame that permeates the great crowd of people you never see and never mingle with; people with whom you have no speech, but who read your books and become admirers of your work and have an affection for you. You may never find it out in the world, but there it is, and it is the faithfulness of the friendship, of the homage of those men, never criticizing, that began when they were children. They have nothing but compliments they never see the criticisms, they never hear any disparagement of you, and you will remain in the home of their hearts’ affection forever and ever. And Louis Stevenson and I decided that of all fame, that was the best, the very best.” – from speech, 1/11/1908

    The Internet amazes me constantly. Would you believe there is a blog called “Stevenson and Twain – “a strange association, a big mistery”? (Sic – the lady who writes the blog is Italian and her English is not perfect.) She is a Mark Twain scholar, who “got the fellowship thanks to her research focused on Mark Twain and Robert Louis Stevenson friendship.” (Uh, she seems to have “borrowed” the image above for her blog header. 🙂

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