Greatest American Painters

John Thomas Peele (1822 – 1897)

Posted by M.R.N. on October 7, 2012

Asleep On The Watch

The Young Highlander

The Song Of The Shirt

Family Introductions – The Young Family

The Pet

The Knitting Lesson


The Young Scholar

Toy Ships

Laura Peele (The Artist’s Daughter)

Dressing Myself

Forbidden Fruit

The Benevolent Cottagers

The Approach Of An Enemy

Children And Kid


Feeding The Pets


Portrait Of A Man In A Landscape

Portrait Of A Woman Beside A Stone Ledge


The Young Milkmaid

Mother And Child

Faggot Gatherer

title unknown

The Reading Lesson

Spring Flowers


Children In Wood


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  1. vincenzo said

    I find the painting of John Thomas Peel is excellent and particularly pleasant

  2. Liss said

    As always awesome ! Always look forward to your emails.

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