Greatest American Painters

James Brade Sword (1839 – 1915)

Posted by M.R.N. on October 5, 2012

Lake George

A Coastal Scene With Monastery

A Peep Into Lake George

Hunt Masters


Children Playing In A Dinghy On The Shore

The Picnic

Wish We Could Go Play

The Rivals

Woman Embroidering

New England Scenery

Coastal Scene

Morning Glow On The Harbor

Canine Friends – Best Friends

Two Children Playing In A Boat – The Rowboat


Middle Eastern Man Smoking Pipe

The Matador

Roland Parry

Winter Landscape

Off The Rhode Island Coast

A Coming Squall At Mattapoisett

Sunset By The Shore

Cows Along The River


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  1. vincenzo said

    Hello everyone! Excellent painting and beautiful subjects.

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