Greatest American Painters

Richard S. Johnson (1939)

Posted by M.R.N. on September 24, 2012

Evening Comes


The Settee

Paper And Porcelain

Venice And Roses

A Summer Moment



Bedtime Stories


Cottage Fence

Softened In Sunshine

Battenberg Fan

Embers Glow

The White Rose

After The Dance

Serenity Dawn

The Copper Rose




Lady And Roses


Story Book – One Before Bed

Sunshine And Lace

El Fuego

Simple Graces

Parting Glance


When Morning Breaks

© Richard S. Johnson

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5 Responses to “Richard S. Johnson (1939)”

  1. Bruce said

    Interesting how, with one exception (“Parting Glance”), the lady in every painting is either looking away or down in a demure manner. No one else engages the viewer at all. I wonder what that means, if anything. Perhaps it’s part of a concept of ideal feminine beauty from a previous generation.

  2. Stephanie said

    Not many portrait artists will draw me to make a comment, but this artist’s work is stunning. I love how he ties the woman’s garments in with the landscape. Each painting has a very distinctive light source, and each light source is from a different angle. I love how he can depict candlelight, natural sunlight, sunlight streaming from a window, and the light shining through an object, like the umbrella. It shows he has had much fun in being diverse, yet keeping a uniform image to his work.

  3. Hi, I’m Richard Johnson the artist who painted these pieces. i am so honored that you share them with others. The reason that I don’t often have the subject look out at the viewer is that I am interested in capturing intimate moments. I want the viewer to engage with the subject in that one moment, to feel the sunlight, and to see the flowers, and smell the grass. I am inviting you to be there in that moment with the person in the painting. I want the subject of the painting to be a shared place in time.

    Thank you for your interest in my work.
    Richard S. Johnson

  4. Karen said

    Oh my goodness I love art however came across this artist by mistake and really feel the need to comment – Never have I seen such beautiful feminine females in my life , what stunning breathtaking paintings……………..I can actually feel ” feelings” when I look at the paintings , I am taken to dreams and thought in my mind and I LIKE THEY FEELINGS!!!!!!!!!

    I feel this is the way females should be portrayed……………..

    I need to elaborat on my comment – when I say I can feel feelings , I mean where they are , the weather , the time of day ,I feel transported to that time and place , and to be able to make someone feel that is truly wonderful.

    P.S – Who are these beautiful woman………………………………..

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