Greatest American Painters

Arthur Kaufmann (1888 – 1971)

Posted by M.R.N. on September 17, 2012

George Gershwin

The Intellectual Emigration

The Contemporaries



Lady’s Portrait

Otto Dix

Elegant Women

Nude Before A Mirror

Lady In Black Coat

The Dream

The Rejuvenation

African American Woman

Old And Young

The Three Wise Kings

Tavern Scene

View Of Siena

Flowers In A Vase

Woman In Kimono

Girl With Birds

Two Girls

Gert Wollheim

Thomas Mann


One Response to “Arthur Kaufmann (1888 – 1971)”

  1. Bruce said

    Found this on a web site someplace:
    “Kaufmann’s best known work today is the above tryptich Die Geistige Emigration (The Intellectual Emigration) which he started painting in 1938 and only completed in 1965. It depicts 38 German and Austrian celebrities (including Thomas Mann, Albert Einstein, Ernst Bloch and George Grosz) who emigrated to the United States after 1933. You can see Arthur Kaufmann next to his wife far right in the middle row.”

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