Greatest American Painters

Lotan Welshans (Lotan Lotan) (1905 – 1985)

Posted by M.R.N. on August 20, 2012

The Burning of the Brain

St. Sebastian Martyred At Boulder Pass, Arizona

Desert Oddity

Desert Oddities

Untitled Nude

Freudian Desert


Three Graces In A Cactus Garden


Hearts On Fire

Desert Mating Dance

Navajo Madonna

The Adventures Of King Pausole

The Adventures Of King Pausole

The Adventures Of King Pausole


2 Responses to “Lotan Welshans (Lotan Lotan) (1905 – 1985)”

  1. vincenzo said

    This surrealist painter seems to have been inluenzato from the unique genius of Salvador Dali. Among other things, from the dates of birth, we can easily infer that they both had lived in the same period. However, I find it interesting his painting, even if he does not say anything new compared to Dali. I personally prefer the last three graphic works presented in this selection. They look like xilographies, but maybe they are drawings.

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